No bone solutionWhat is a “No Bone Solution™”?

Patients who have worn dentures for many years or have certain illnesses may have less bone than is generally required for standard dental implant treatment.  

No Bone Solution™ is a special treatment protocol developed at the Pi Dental Center. It combines unique computer guided implant surgery with precision screw retained fixed prosthodontic rehabilitation of the severely atrophic maxilla. The protocol eliminates the need for invasive bone grafting and extensive procedures.






Dentistry Today Article
No Bone Solutions for the Severely Atrophic Maxilla.
Balshi TJ, Wolfinger GJ, Della Croce JN, Balshi SF
Dentistry Today, 2008 27(3), 94-100.










Against All Odds
A No Bone Solution
Insights Newsletter Article











No BoneZ Solution - Teeth in a Day®
Richard A. Williamson, DDS, MS, FACP
University of Iowa College of Dentistry


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