Nutrition and Patients Part 3: Milk Shakes and Smiles at the Bistro

Smiles Bistro in Fort Washington

The Smiles Bistro has a new “flavor.”  Earlier this month, Kelsey Dougherty and Joe Bruno took over management of the restaurant and are enthusiastic about their unique new menu offerings. What will remain the same are the wonderful Pi milkshakes.

As a matter of fact, this in-house restaurant came into being because of these milk shakes! To help patients recover comfortably following Teeth In A Day dental implant surgery, Pi Dental Center offered refreshing milk shakes during recovery. 

As Mrs. Joanne Balshi explains, “Teeth in a Day® is much more than a clinical procedure. It is a total embrace of a patient in need of a completely restored smile. There is a definite nutrition component to dental implant surgery, and our famous Pi milkshake following the placement of implants led straight to the concept of Smiles Bistro. Our little oasis is a haven for comfort food and TLC and uplifts not only patients, but everyone coming in and out of the building.”

Before the Bistro opened its doors, a staff member had to run out to buy milkshakes. Lunches for doctors taking dental courses at the Viewpoint Conference Center were catered by outside establishments, with inconsistent results. Many options were considered to provide better food in a timely manner and the idea for an on-site restaurant provided the answer.

Joe Bruno describes his philosophy, “When we were asked about taking over management for the bistro, I used what I learned from my fine dining experiences as a chef and my experiences working in corporate dining to develop a menu with quality ingredients that would be appealing to everyone and wouldn’t take too long to make. If there’s one thing I know about lunch time it’s that you don’t have much time. So speed is as important as quality. We try to make things as quick as Wawa but as good as Ristorante Toscanos. 

Kelsey expresses her enthusiasm, “Re-opening Smiles Bistro with Joe is very exciting for me. I am now able to do my two favorite things all day: cooking and talking to people. Every morning I come in and get the coffee started and customers start coming in and are more than excited to talk with me while they fix up their coffee and I fix up their breakfast. It is my goal to provide a friendly atmosphere and great food.” 

The bistro offers breakfast and lunch.  Belgian waffles, pancakes, omelets and fresh fruit are just a few choices available for breakfast. Soups, wraps, Panini sandwiches and salads and many other options are available on the lunch menu. Specials and desserts are provided daily.

The Smiles Bistro is a comfortable friendly place where patients, staff and visitors can grab a quick snack, or enjoy a relaxing meal with a friend. It is a place where family and friends can sit and wait for patients using our wireless network to connect to the web with their laptops and mobile devices.  The diverse menu provides many tasty and affordable options.

By Chris Raines

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