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A picture is worth a thousand words and a video might even be worth more than that! And while dental implants  improve quality of life, restore confidence, and renew health, many people are undecided about this big step and afraid to move forward.  Researching dental implant treatment options can be confusing and difficult. To make it easier for people to learn about implants, Pi Dental Center provides an extensive video library of documentaries on YouTube.  Our documentaries give clear and concise information including patient testimonials that motivate many to seek treatment. 

Pi Dental Center has produced at least 105 high quality videos that have been viewed over 814,000 times!  Our videos include a wide array of subjects related to dental implant treatment. Actual Pi patients discuss their hopes and expectations, traumatic dental histories and the condition of their teeth before they came to Pi Dental Center. They describe how they felt at all stages of dental treatment and talk about their comfort level throughout the process.  Our patients relay what foods they ate, details about their post-op home care, and their amazing final transformations.  These patients continually report how much they are smiling now that they have gotten their lives back. 

Specific dental protocols in these documentaries include computer guided Teeth In A Day®, CM Prostheses, the AvaDent® digital cosmetic dentures, No Bone Solution, Zygomatic implant treatment, prosthodontic and lab techniques.  Many of our patients have high risk dental conditions including cancer, eating disorders, periodontal disease, severe bone loss and traumatic injury. 

Pi Dental Center is fortunate to be part of a clinical training center, the Institute for Facial Esthetics, where Drs. Balshi, Wolfinger and Bowers present advanced surgical training programs for dental professionals coming from all over the country to learn cutting-edge dental protocol.  Several of our dental implant videos demonstrate surgical placement and restoration. 

As Vice President of Marketing, Jake Verterano creates all of our documentary videos and surgical films in Pi’s Viewpoint Conference Center. 

Vice President of Marketing, Jake Verterano, creates documentaries and surgical videos.Jake states, “I’ve always loved telling stories – not just my own but other people’s. Everyone has a unique journey to share and something that makes them who they are. Video may just be the most important responsibility of mine at Pi and I absolutely love it. I interview many of our patients before and after their treatment and am able to show through video how they’ve gained confidence as a person. I have also created documentaries that have brought people to tears by capturing the emotion of our patients on film. It is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my position. I may not be a clinical member of the staff but I’m able to hear the emotional aspect of how implants have helped change lives. I also film many surgeries for educational purposes. While some may find this a little gruesome, I love the challenge. I operate our fully functional television studio and have even broadcast surgeries across the country to dental conferences. I love hearing doctors tell me how much they loved the up close view of what Pi doctors are doing in the surgery.” 

Pi Dental Center dental education videos are for everyone; especially those who are interested in learning about dental implants.  Our goal is to provide coherent information for anyone who is looking for an effective solution to tooth loss, including people with accessibility barriers, such as those with disabilities.  We want our viewers to be able to navigate, comprehend, interact and benefit from our videos.  To reach our goal, we are gradually including closed-captioning in each video. This captioning has been carefully edited for accuracy. 

As Jake puts it, “Our video library has a little something for everyone. For dentists, there are graphic dental implant surgeries to watch. It’s also almost like our video collection is a heartwarming movie as you can see people who suffered their entire life and now have gone on to dreams they never thought possible. When our patients are the ones telling their story, when you can see it firsthand, that’s when people realize what Pi Dental Center has to offer. Seeing is believing.” 

We encourage you to visit us at: https://www.youtube.com/user/PiDentalCenter, watch our videos, subscribe to the Pi Dental Center channel, like and share our videos and comment on them.

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