The Queen of Crowns

girlOne of the keys to the successful treatment of Mildred Phillips is Dr. Tom Balshi’s implementation of Procera® AllCeram crowns for the most natural-looking teeth.

A true new-Millennium product, Procera® AllCeram crowns using computerized scanning and high strength, new ceramics to create crowns that are free of the metal coping that could betray their wearers in the past, either through telltale gumline shadows or through allergies to the metal itself.

In the Procera® process, available from dentists who work with Fort Washington Dental Lab, a computer scan of the patient’s prepared tooth is electronically transmitted to the Nobel Biocare manufacturing facility in Sweden. There a foundation cap that is a precise match for the underlying tooth is created and expressed back to Fort Washington, where construction of the esthetic tooth takes place.

The Procera® process offers patients the best of both worlds,” says Bob Winkelman, director of Fort Washington Dental Lab. “The computerized initial process and the translucent material assure optimal fit, great strength and attractive esthetics, while our ability to finish the tooth in conjunction with dentists locally ensures a crown that as closely as possible matches a patient’s natural teeth.”

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA