Nobel Biocare is the world leader in innovative esthetic dental solutions and a one-stop-shop for restorative esthetic dentistry, offering a wide range of innovative Crown & Bridge & Implant products, as well as training & education and clinically documented treatment concepts. Our solutions enable dental specialists, general practitioners and dental technicians to offer patients high esthetic new teeth.

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As world leader in the field of dental implants, Nobel Biocare offers patients optimal solutions for tooth replacement. They offer outstanding continuing education, service and support, and provide everything a dentist needs to get started or to learn more advanced aspects of dental implant and prosthetic treatment. Nobel Biocare is continuously improving its comprehensive line of products, Brånemark System®, Steri-Oss®, Replace, Procera® and Gore® membranes.

Brånemark System® dental implants are a comprehensive product system for the replacement of lost dental roots. The system has been tested and developed for over 30 years and the frequency of successful treatments is reliable and predictable for patient and dentist alike.

In clinical studies in the early 1950's, Swedish professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark was the first to find that titanium was not rejected by the bone. This discovery was developed into a dental procedure that has been practiced since 1965. Depending upon the individual patient situation, Nobel Biocare has alternative methods for replacing everything from one or more teeth to a completely edentulous jaw. The procedure is based on a direct structural and functional connection between well-organized, living bone and an implant surface also called osseointergration.

Brånemark System enhances the patients' quality of life by offering dentists and other specialists the best possible solutions to surgical and prosthetic problems. There is extensive research made about Brånemark System titanium dental implants. To date, no other dental implant company has demonstrated product development based on the kind of systematic and continuing clinical documentation routinely complied about Brånemark System. It is in character that Brånemark System is the only company in the world that has published a 5 year multi-center prospective study on all major indications.

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