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Words simply cannot express the caring, the compassion, or the amazing level of service I received at Pi Dental Center. Having neglected my teeth for long enough, something drastic needed to be done. I spent months researching my potential options and came across the Pi web site. From my very first visit and consultation with Dr. Wolfinger and the entire team, I felt very comfortable. I was assured that they could help me despite my feelings of hopelessness as I was even beginning to lose teeth. Once financing was taken care of, we scheduled the big day for October 1st. I honestly did not believe a single person who advised me that I would feel very little pain, if any… well, let me tell you – I have NO idea how they did it, but save for a single Ibuprofen the day after the procedure, I didn’t need any pain killers at all. This may not sound all that impressive, but I had no less than 26 teeth extracted, 8 titanium implants screwed into my jaw, and temporary prosthesis mounted – all in about 5 hours(!) with no pain at all – with only local anesthesia. Again, I have absolutely no idea how this is even possible, but the team of people who came together to help me are simply miracle workers. I walked into the office with a horrendous mouth full of embarrassing dental neglect, and walked out just over 5 hours later with some of the most perfect looking teeth you can imagine. And I drove myself home. The only remotely negative part of the entire experience is the “bulkiness” of the temporary (non-removable) teeth. This is by-design, as these literally act as a splint to secure the implants as they integrate with the bone in your jaw. (Titanium is an amazing material, as it turns out) So these temporary teeth are a bit larger in the mouth than the permanent ones will be. This “healing” period as the titanium “osseointegrates” to the bone is a short 8 to 12 weeks, so the bulky temporary teeth are a small price to pay for the end-result. I was used to the new teeth and chewing confidently in less than a week. As it turns out, my poor dental hygiene led to numerous other health problems which I never knew could be attributed to my teeth. But there were several abscesses and infections which were causing me sinus problems and ongoing chest congestion, and headaches. ALL of this went away the very moment my bad teeth were extracted. I felt better the very next day – and that is no exaggeration. I even sleep through the night now – something I had not done in many years. So THANK YOU to Dr. Wolfinger and the entire team at Pi. Amy, Linda, Pat, Stephen… and many more who I’m forgetting… these folks are simply the very best.

Everything at Pi Dental was wonderful as my denture problems of 53 years was resolved. i cannot explain the pleasure of having beautiful teeth that are easy to care for. Wish Pi Dental was around all those years ago because the change has been dramatic. Thanks
I just finished my treatment at Pi and cannot say enough about my wonderful experience at PI, from my first visit to my final cleaning. I was treated by friendly and very professional team of Dr. Wolfinger. I am so happy with my results and everything that was promised was delivered. It was expensive but it was worth every dollar. It is life changing and I am very thankful to everyone at PI. Valentina.
My experience at PI Dental was amazing! My nervousness about visiting the dentist started several days before my appointment, but the front office staff made me feel welcomed from the moment I stepped in the door. Even when I was ushered in the back by Daryl the nervousness melted even further away as we proceeded through the check in process and through conversation, I knew that I had come to the right place for my dental needs. Dr. Wolfinger put me even further at ease with his thorough explanation of my issues and the necessary solution. I am looking forward to going through this process with PI Dental.

My check up was thorough and virtually painless . Everyone was helpful, comforting , professional , and polite. The few problems that I had were addressed immediately and with compassion. This is an truly fantastic group of people who do the job the way it should be done. Thank you P.I, Lynne Gold, Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania

Great service as always friendly and courteous staff

great staff and service….I have a beautiful smile thanks PI Dental centerThank you everyone at PI dental Center. PI takes a complicated case and simplifies it compared to other specialists. The staff helps ease the anxiety of upcoming appointments and takes the effort to know you by name. Lovely offices Lovely staff. The results are superior – nothing has ever been a problem for PI.

I just completely a crown procedure. Always extremely impressed with Dr. Wolfinger! I know when I am there, I am in good hands. I also recently had a root canal with Dr. Morreale. He was wonderful as well, great bed side manner. Always a great experience at Pi Dental. Until we meet again 🙂
I have endured eight surgeries with a great deal of pain, yet after almost three years I am still without teeth. My tears did not show weakness, its just that I’ve been strong for way too long. Lucky for me, you were referred to me by my dentist. Meeting all of you was such a pleasure. After a four hour consultation, I feel 100% confident in your ability to help me. Swelling, bruises and pain do not scare me. If I want to eat and smile like everyone else, I will get through it all. I’m overwhelmed with gratefulness that you are all willing to try and help me. To say I need you is an understatement. Thank you for holding my hand and wiping my tears. Looking forward to the end when I can be silly and laugh right along with you.
It’s always a pleasure to deal with Connie! She has such a light touch, you don’t even know you’re having your teeth cleaned!

I turned 50 today.Yesterday was my appointment with Dr. Balshi. I can honestly that my experience at PI Dental, meeting Dr. Balshi and his staff, was a great bday present. I’ve been to many doctors in my life but nothing compared to their genuine kindness and empathy.
I had a great experience in my most most recent appointment at PI Dental Center. Connie and Dr. Bowers brightened my smile, as well as my day. They really know how to take a sterile environment like a dental office and make it feel like home. Everyone was friendly, and after leaving the office, I had a confidence in my smile that pushed me to reach for new heights.

This pleasant office is decorated in a lovely manner. Staff members are consistently personable and professional. There’s attention to detail and everything is explained. Care is research-based and expert.

Connie is very thorough and conscientious. She knows how to make an unpleasant experience pleasant while achieving the highest quality of care.
Everyone was kind & courteous. Wait time was very minimal. The doctor was taking every precaution and doing his research before making the final decision as to whether I was a good candidate for dental implants.

Perfect and professional…………warm and fuzzy friendly…………….Thank you.

As always, your staff goes above and beyond to address patient inquiries and remedy dental issues ‘on the spot’, as much as possible, regardless of the extra time and services required. I have never been disappointed.

PI Dental Center is definitely First Class. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a friendly smile and caring attitude. The dental team works like a well-synchronized time piece with state of the art technology and the expertise of World Renowned doctors. The PI support team of professionals has worked together for years and it shows in everything they do. I recently underwent total implant surgery and never experienced any pain that couldn’t be alleviated with Ibuprofen. The compassion shown to me was off the chart. Every single person you come in contact with makes you feel that you are their top priority and you are. I couldn’t be more pleased and would recommend PI Dental Center to anyone wanting implants. If you aren’t smiling when you walk in the door, you definitely will be when you leave!
Julia is amazing. She loves her job and it shows. She’s friendly, competent and helpful; I couldn’t ask for anything more. My mouth feels fantastic after my appointment.

Excellent care given by Becky and Amey
Excellent doctors!

As always, everyone (from the receptionist to the technicians handling the procedure) was friendly and informative. The staff is fantastic !
Awesome, friendly & professional, very informative and caring as usual!

The staff and Drs. Are the best. Most recently I had to have a tooth extracted. Dr. Balshi and Hillerie were compassionate and caring in the excellent care given to me. This is by far the best dental office I have ever received care at.

PI Dental Center is definitely First Class. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a friendly smile and caring attitude. The dental team works like a well designed time peice with World Renowned doctors and a team of professionals that have worked together for years and it shows in every thing they do. I recently underwent total implant surgery and never experience any pain that couldn’t be alieviated with ibuprofen. The compassion shown to me was off the chart. Every single person you come in contact with makes you feel that you are their top priority and you are. I couldn’t be more poleased and would recommend PI Dental Center to anyone wanting implants. If you aren’t smiling when you walk in the door, you definitely will be when you leave!

The staff was pleasant as always, greeted me by name and my appointment was started right on time. We had discussed a filling and a cleaning on my prior visit and both were accomplished in a timely and pain free manner.

Ever since I had total implants by Dr. Balshi about 25 years ago, I have been going to your office at least every 6 months for regular check up and also many more for chipped denture ceramic. At the last visit was to fix 2 chips at the upper one. The upper denture was removed for work replaced with temporally replacement denture. It was also time to have a regular check up. Even though the upper denture was temporally one, the technician appears to have cursory cleaning, which will be removed very soon, and charged full check up. At the end, I was also shocked with the total bill which was more than $1,800 which I did not anticipate that much. I requested a review without success. Next time if I require another procedure, I should ask the cost before hand. I very much appreciate your help all these years with expertise and professionalism. Thank you. Won Cynn

I had an emergency and even though they were completely booked, they graciously worked me into the schedule the same day. They were accommodating and everyone was exceptionally pleasant and helpful.

I have been a patient here for 27 years. The entire staff is very competent, caring, and professional. I can’t think of any reason to go anywhere else.
I have been a patient at PI for about 12 years now and have nothing but wonderful things to say. Every experience is top notch from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave. Everyone is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable from receptionist to doctor. The doctors are amazing and I would never think of going to any other practice. I am very blessed to have them in my life. Lee Zechman

The team has my confidence each and every visit. Always a comfortable, positive experience.

First class treatment.

Friendly, professional and tolerant staff.

Discovered a gum problem I never knew I had, set up a schedule to treat this problem. Staff was great.
Great service, thanks.
The P.I. Dental experience is five stars from the moment you walk in the door. Everyone is extremely welcoming and professional. The dental experience is truly the best I have ever had. I know there is not a lot of enthusiam in general for people to go to the dentist. At the same time, if you need dental care, you will not find better care than that which is given at P.I. Dental. They have my highest recommendation.
Service, attentiveness, quality of work, always make the 8 hour, three trains trip to get there from Charlottesville, VA very worthwhile.
Wish I had come to PI years ago. It may have saved from the adjustments I am experiencing today!
The staff is great-personable, considerate and knowledgeable. Although I generally dread dental visits, I feel comfortable coming to PI.
I cannot say enough about my experience at PI, from my first phone call I was treated by friendly and reassuring people at every level of treatment. I am so happy with my results and everything that was promised was delivered, it was worth every penny. It was life changing and I am very thankful to everyone at PI.
Everyone does their very best to provide great service and care, and to make you happy and comfortable. There’s no better group of professionals anywhere! Edwin
Excellent customer service before, during, and after my hygiene appointment. Everyone at the front desk is tuned to the customers needs. Connie is an outstanding dental hygienist and terrific representative of the organization. I appreciate Connie’s good tending of my dental needs on a regular basis, her warmth and good humor. Glad to see Dr. Balshi on this appointment, too, so he could hear about my high satisfaction with my 2008 dental implants.
Excellent as always. Professional, courteous and very effective treatment. I have been recommending PI to others. I hope that they took advantage of your marvelous services.
Even though we were late because of an accident on the interstate everyone was most gracious. The information shared and services received were as much as I could retain in one visit. They were very accommodating my future appointments around my schedule.
Excellent service.
I always have a great experience at PI Dental Center..great staff……I now have the best smile in the world…they gave me my smile back
Rebecca was excellent in cleaning my teeth; she was thorough, professional, careful, and quite gentle with the instruments on my gums. Of course, Dr. Balshi, as always, was great.
Dear Pat, 7-9-14 I just wanted to let you know that from the moment I walked into your office I felt so comfortable because of the warm sincere welcome that I was greeted with by Linda. She was so helpful and polite and made me feel at ease. I then was introduced to Hillerie(hope I spelled that correctly) and she was absolutely amazing. I don’t believe I can describe how fantastic she was as a caring person and a total professional that I felt like her and I were best friends for 25 years. I next met Andrea who again was so kind and courteous and just made me feel so comfortable which is hard for me to feel when I am sitting and talking to you with no teeth in my mouth(Embarrassed). Than the pièce de résistance was meeting Dr Balshi who turned out to be more impressive than what I saw in the over 3 hours of video and research that I did on him. He is the epitome of the consummate professional and than to meet you. Your genuine caring and understanding is so refreshing and real, your empathy to the person who is sitting in that chair with all the anxiety they are feeling with just the thought of possibly being able to eat and smile and feel good again. I thank you so much Pat. Pat I have been to 5 different places regarding the possibility of having the dream of eating and smiling again and feeling good about myself again but at the end of the day they are just that ” a dream. Please tell everyone that I mentioned that they ALL truly made me feel so good about that possibility and brought me much joy even if for just a couple of hours. Although I may not be a success story for your office I will recommend you and speak highly of you to anyone who asks about your facility. Sincerely, Steven Soldano
Excellent work.Excellent. staff
My initial visit was on 23,June 2014. I found Linda, and all of the staff to be friendly and very concerned about each client’s care and comfort. The atmosphere of the office and the staff while professional and efficient was still calming and caring…a difficult task in a dental office where inherent anxiety is probably more common. I encourage you to take the first step: make an appointment, walk through the doors and experience a very different type of dental service then you ever imagined.
The doctors, assistants, staff are all excellent. I needed implants (full mouth) when I was appr. 30 years old. It was very emotional for me. The support, attention to detail, patience, concern, follow-up and phenomenal dental work was more than I could ask for.
Great Staff! Great Service!
When you are good, you are good!
Thank you Dr. Balshi and the medical staff at PI. I choose to travel from the west coast for my procedure. I received two different treatment plans on the west and choose PI, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, because I trusted your plan and also because of my prior positive experience.
PI Dental is a dream come true for me. The most professional and friendly dental staff I have ever worked with, and there have been many in my lifetime. I now have a healthy full mouth of beautiful implants. Even though I live in New York I don’t mind the 3.5 hour drive each way twice a year for checkups. If you want to feel better, look better and have the ability to eat without pain, go to PI Dental!
My first visit to Pi was 12 years ago for major dental reconstruction. I believe that Pi was heaven sent for someone who had a terrible fear of dentistry and huge embarrassment over the condition of my teeth. I was treated with compassion and understanding, The work was wonderfully successful and even life changing. I heve returned twice each year for my checkups. I would never go elsewhere.
Connie my hygienist is absolutely wonderful. She always makes me feel so comfortable for my cleaning and does a great job!!
I’m praying to get back to the office to get my teeth fix. Waiting for a angel I believe see you soon. stacy ingram
The Nordstrom of dentistry If you have a ” problem” with anything THEY FIX IT ! With the same professionalism and curtesy even AFTER u paid They are so consistently pleasant EVEN when I ( sorry) was Not ? They continued to be as pleasant- I asked if something was in the water- cause its like Disneyland IT Always starts at the TOP – how sad that its so RARE to find a work environment of real teamwork- I never had ANY dental problems until working as a RN and being given 30 plus patients in very hostile environment I was paid REALLY well- sadly most of that money went into fixing the back teeth I cracked from grindingly teeth- then ” needed multi specialists all blaming another’s work- I was going nuts I finally said to myself- That’s it find me the GODS of dental work and NYC or LA- anywhere- and I was pleasantly surprised to find GODS team of all specialties in one bldg. working together Had I known dentistry was filled with diff specialists I would have studied Dentistry- but then the process of HELL prior to finding this Team? I learned more about the intricacies of dentistry than most dentists- they are the best- I will never work again in the ” Hospital Setting” as it is now- I want to keep my teeth- –
One of the biggest compliments I get these days is, “You have a nice smile” Without the comprehensive work of the team at PI Dental, I would have not have heard that just three years ago.. Dr. Balshi and his team work with each individual to analyze dental issues, correct the problems and come out with excellent results. I never thought anyone could help me, but now I have a new smile and I owe it all to the team at PI Dental Center. I can’t thank them enough for all that they’ve done for me.
As a dental phobic – my experience was very good. The staff and doctors made me feel confortable and wanted as a client. All of the staff have very excellent people skills and made me feel at ease as all phases of my examination and treatment plan were formulated and scheduled. I would have no problem with recommendation of PI to others. Lets see how the scheduled work is performed and completed – for which I have confidence for a positive experience and outcome.
I love PI Dental! Their staff is professional and extremely knowledgeable. The products are top of the line. I couldn’t be happier with every experience I have had with them.
I always feel welcomed by the receptionists and staff. I am very pleased by Becky’s service, her experience and work quality is always felt. In addition to being polite, she is skilled and exhibits concern for the patient’s comfort and well being. As always Dr. Bower reviewed and advised me of future dental needs. Everyone is very professional. It is always a pleasing visit for me at PI Dental. Thank you
Awesome experience with outstanding staff!!!!
Experiencing the courtesy,friendliness and pure professionalism of the PI staff for 30 years definitely deserves a 5 star rating. Thank you and have a great Memorial Day Weekend and thank you and yours for any military service sacrificed for the freedom and privileges we have in the great USA.
PI Dental Center is like a second home….great people-Julia, Kathy, Dr. Bowers always enjoy seeing them for my semiannual appointments (not to mention also Dr. Balshi and Dr. Wolfinger who are responsible for my awesome smile along with Dr. Gupton and Holly her assistant). I thought about switching to someone 5 minutes from my house but I know that I would definitely miss everyone here (besides the great service) if I did that.
Appointments are always on time. Julia is the best
They were very good at giving me all the information I needed and treating me like valued patient. I would definitely recommend going here! They were thorough and cheaper than some competitors.
Everyone is professional and friendly. Julia is the best
I love this place. They are so much fun,yeah, can you believe it? They all seem to gave great personalities and are so easy to talk to and laugh with. They strive to be pain-less and they usually hit the mark. Can’t recommend them more highly.
Dr. Balshi is amazing and all of the staff at PI are warm, welcoming and very helpful. Any time that I have had a question about a procedure, or any kind of concern, my questions have been answered promptly and fully which creates a very safe and supportive environment. I feel comfortable in recommending PI to everyone, in fact, a family member has also begun to receive dental services from the staff. Sunny
Everything was fine. The entire staff was very pleasant and that really makes a difference when going to the dentist. If you know what I mean. Dolly was really great and a real asset to PI. Chuck Storm
Your Staff is excellent and my Hygienist is the very best Gary Whelan
The doctors and staff are excellent and the office is comfortable and attractive.
As always excellent patient care. Becky is the best!!!
Very professional .
Outstanding, PI Dental is the best.
Wonderful! I left with a beautiful smile on my face and in my heart!
Friendly and thorough, but why were my teeth not flossed?
I always receive outstanding service & by an all caring staff.
What a wonderful place. As a person who dislikes having her teeth messed with this is high praise. Yes, I am a dental phobic. The greatest help are the people who work here. Their friendliness and competence are exceptional. I have complete confidence that my numerous crowns, root canals and implants are in the best of hands. Many thanks folks for removing one fear from my life.
Oh my gosh how can I possibly find enough words to describe my experience at PI. From the moment I walked in the door I felt that I was visiting dear friends. Every person person greeted me with a warm smile and a genuine desire to make my experience the best possible. Daryl saw to it that my every concern was addressed and my every need was met. Dr. Balshi was so kind and was intently focused on hearing my story. I had done my homework and knew of Dr. Balshi’s extensive expertise in the field of dental implantation and knew I was in good hands. From that moment, I released any doubt that I had. I was given a tour of the institute and felt that I was viewing a world of incredible futuristic technology. Dr. Balshi took total control and a whirlwind of planning began. By the time the appointment ended a plan was in place and a date was set for my procedure. I am totally at ease with the coming procedure and I know that when this is done I will begin a new life, denture free!
The staff at PI are friendly and very helpful especially, Linda and Connie who is my hygienist. I cannot say enough about Dr. Bowers. He is one doctor that takes that extra mile to make sure his patients are well taken care of.
Always the best dental care.
Appreciate the 7:30 AM appointment time for routine cleaning/checkup.
Always a GREAT experience, even though your busy, I never feel like Im being rushed everyone acts so nice and professional, I actually look forward to getting my teeth cleaned. Cant believe it I use to have a big fear of the dentist not any more Thanks Very SATISFIED patient Jim Smith Jr.
Fun at the Dentist!! As always!!
As expected and a hallmark of PI Dental, a very excellent experience. I have recommend PI to others in the past and will continue to do so.
As expected, excellent. Quick, restful, thorough, professional and the feeling of honest sincerity. I have recommended Pi to others. I hope, for their sake, that they followed up on my advice.
It is always wonderful!!! Extremely competent,smiling, kind, friendly, always professional staff.. Worth the long drive to get there. Limited wait time and “goodies” packages make my day. And if it is the lunch hour, the Bistro on the ground floor has great, affordable cuisine.
Patients may balk at the price, but dividing the procedure is about same cost or more, and the advantge of one two hour session is greater.
This was the most professional, comprehensive, delightful experience I’ve ever had “at the dentist”. A wonderful group of people and I hope to be able to move forward with them on my team! Thank you so much!!
I love the way I was treated since the initial phone call to the first visit. It make you feel comfortable welcome. They are attentive to your needs. I highly recommend them.
Absolutely excellent, as always. I have been a patient for over 30 years. The staff at PI Dental Center are friendly, compassionate and professional. I couldn’t ask for anything more!
It was great! Only complaint is… I want to have my teeth cleaned more than the allowed every 6months!
Your office and dental staff always make me feel welcomed and valued. Your gentle approach mixed with excellent skills make me relax in the dental chair. Driving from State College to Ft. Washington is well worth it!
Becky is terrific❗️ Dr. Bowers did a thorough exam. The best part is when you come back …. You feel like family. Finally, Neil’s chicken soup is 5
I never thought I would look forward to a visit to the dentist’s office. Thanks to everyone for all you do as I have always looked forward to my visit at PI. You can tell it is a team effort and what comfort it must bring to all who visit your facility. Father Howarth
I came in for an appointment yesterday for an evaluation of my treatment plan. Following imaging, the treatment plan was to perform surgery. Within moments, an amazing team assisted Dr. Balshi to perform surgery — and, before I knew it, I was fixed! I am not a professional but I think the issue was a little complex so although I went in scared.. I came out with the utmost admiration for such a wonderful team of professionals. As with any surgery, I did have immediate minor swelling and mild pain but this was managed well with following a few instructions to the “T”. When I woke up this morning,the day after my surgery, I felt relieved, refreshed, and completely back to normal.. all the swelling is gone and absolutely no bruising occurred. Once the sutures dissolve I will be completely healed so until then they stand to remind me I am still healing. 🙂 The speed of the healing process, alone, speaks volumes of the talent that lies within all the hands that worked on me. This PI Dental Center is amazing and I trust them fully to care for me, I don’t know what I would do without them. In my personal opinion, they are THE BEST, most advanced dental team on the globe and that is why I feel it is without a doubt worth flying many miles to receive their care. THANK YOU so much PI Dental Center ~ the quality of my life would simply not “be”what it is today.. had I not found YOU!
My visit to PI Dental was awesome, as always. I had my dental implants done at PI Dental which is an hour away from where I live. I continue to travel to PI Dental for my cleanings because I have so much faith in your care.
As usual, everyone at Pi was welcoming and reassuring. We were overdue for our appointment. Where other practices might chastise you for neglecting, the staff was understanding and gracious. Dolly handled my work and she is an outstanding professional. She was constantly concerned with my comfort while doing a professional job on my needs. I have implants throughout my mouth and therefore it isn’t an ordinary hygiene visit. It was handled efficiently with greatcoat care for the quality of the work. Dr. Bowers handled his end of the work in an efficient, professional manner. For the first time in my life I am smiling, not only because of the quality of my implants and what they have done for my health and looks, but for the continuing care I receive under Dr. Balshi’s direction. Thanks to all at Pi.
Dr. Bowers, Andrea, Shirley, Carol, Linda,Martha, Hilary All of the P.i Dental Team are Excellent and Very Warm and Friendly. Thank You So Very Much for making my Experience a Pleasant One. The Dentist visit is Certainly an Experience and I am Thankful,for me, it was a Good One ! XOXO GO Pi Dental Center ~~~~
Staff members from the front desk through the clinical area are consistently kind and personable, as well as skilled, knowledgeable, and professional.
Always a pleasure, Nice people, good care. Could be closer to Newtown but I guess we can’t have everything. JohnF
Excellent dental skills and highest caliber of customer service – as usual.
Excellent cleaning by Julia. Staff is always friendly and helpful.
You know, I didn’t know you asked for feedback these days, and I actually emailed Dr. Wolfinger yesterday to thank him again for fixing me up so perfectly AND for squeezing me into the schedule. I told him that this was “one sweet repair” because everything in my mouth feels so normal and functional now, and no longer like something was going to give at any moment. I had kind of a “disaster in the making,” but he warded it off before it could actually become a disaster. I am BLESSED at how he works his miracles to make these teeth last as long as possible before having to have a retread. More and more dental providers can put in implants these days, but how many are equipped with their own lab to FIX them quickly, even in an emergency, as you folks can? I’d wager that this is pretty rare, and it is certainly something people should consider when choosing a dental provider for implants! There is so much going on in my life right now, but at this moment, one thing I don’t have to worry about AT ALL is my teeth, and that is a great comfort! Thank you, Dr. W., and PI for always being there for me. You guys truly are a blessing!
OMG!!!!! I could not believe how well I was treated, Dr. Balshi and his staff were incredible !!!!! I’m still in awe, I found P I Dental on the internet and after reviewing other dentist I choose PI Dental, living 12 hours away, it was a real shot in the dark, boy did I ever hit the jackpot, All I can say is if your looking for Prosthodontics, weather to replace 1 tooth or all , you owe it to your self to get acquainted with Dr. Balshi and his staff at P I Dental. At the very least go the their web site or youtube for videos
Outstanding care…as always.
I appreciated the thorough examination. All the staff was so lovely, professional, helpful and knowledgeable. After the dental examination & treatment I feel so relieved and plan to follow up with future appointments at PI. I am grateful for all their services.
Everything was excellent.
The whole team at Pi dental and the attention they give to their patients is truly a breath of fresh air!! They genuinely care and are very interested in what the patients needs and wants. From the moment you enter their office, you get a sense of comfort and can feel the tight bond the team has with one another and their patients. In this practice, the patient is important and and they take great pride in their work and in making sure you are completely satisfied. I drive 2 hours to go to them and it is well worth it. Dr. Balshi and his team are the cream of the crop when it comes to dentistry. Please give them a try, you will not regret it!! Jeannine Pollaro
The whole experience form getting the implants to having mt regular cleaning has always been a delightful experience. All the staff from the first person that you meet when you walk in the door has always made my wife and I feel welcome and right at home. People always ask and I never hesitate to tell them about my experience at the PI Dental Center. I don’t know why anyone would want to go anywhere else. Thank you again for my SMILE…. after not being able to for so many years people notice and I always tell them.. Thank you so Much
Was treated with respect, professional manner and above average care and concern
Everyone from the moment you walk in the door to walking in an exam room is very attentive and professional.
Got there early and they were able to get me in and do the great job they always do!
I especially appreciated how everyone was concerned about my comfort during the procedure, frequently asking how I was doing and thoroughly explaining things as we went along. It went a long way in decreasing my stress.
I had an early morning appointment for a cleaning and was greeted with a pleasant smile and all of the needed documentation was ready for my review. My appointment was started promptly and my hygienist was pleasant and entertainingly talkative for the entire appointment. My payment and next appointment were handled in a professional manner and I was on my way.
Always pleased with the service provided by the Hygienists, Doctors and professionalism of your most pleasant staff. Thank You
My visit was handled very well as I always expect. Thank you
P.I. Dental is the best experience I have ever had in dentistry. The staff is professional, welcoming, and highly competent. Whenever I have a dental appointment, I know that I am in the best possible place to have my teeth cared for.
As always, the staff and doctors are thorough, professional, warm and caring. I have always feared the dentist – now I look forward to seeing “my friends”. As proof, I travel 2 1/2 hours every 3 months just so my mouth will be handled by PI Dental Center.
Excellent as usual!!!
Personal attention and care, attention to detail, congenial, professional, observant…..all in all, one of the best dental experiences of my life (and I’ve spent a lot of time in the dentist’s chair!). Just so darn expensive!……oh well.
I am glad to say that I received the usual friendly and efficient care that I have come to expect (but still always appreciate) from the staff at Pi Dental Center.
On paper, having one cavity filled and an adjacent old silver/grey filling removed and replaced is not the ideal start of the day. But it went really well. There was a lot of drilling and zero pain….even though I probably got ‘just enough’ numbing, so I wasn’t feeling strange for more than an hour or two post procedure. No pain after that either. There happened to be an observing dentist/student there and that made it more interesting to me as Dr. Bowers and Daryl explained their actions step-by-step. If you can enjoy this sort of thing, I came pretty close to it. I enjoyed full meals the rest of the day. It feels better and stronger and I’m told it looks good too.
I always feel safe and well taken care of . I really don’t like going to the dentist since I had a bad experience at another dentist( he drilled a hole right into my sinus area) need I say more. Thanks for reminding me it is necessary to go and take care of your teeth.
The staff is always friendly and cheerful. The work was done expertly and in a timely fashion. I truly adore Dr. Moreale. Dr. Wolfinger does great work. 🙂
From the first time I walked in the staff & doctors were the best I have ever dealt with. I was in a bad place in life with the problems with my teeth hovering over me constantly but an hour after I was at PI I was assured there was a solution for me. A couple weeks later and everything changed for the better, it was worth all the costs. Doctor Wolfinger even called me the night after my surgery to see how I was doing, very nice gesture that i really appreciated. I would like to thank everyone involved in my case again for all the care that was given to me.
Dr. Balshi, Mrs. Balshi, and the entire staff at the PI Dental Center are so very highly skilled, so very professional, and so, if you are as I was, open to trusting their hands to create a will be made just for you and it WILL change our life.. I guarantee you that you are in the best hands and that will be just one of the reasons you will find to smile each day. A huge part of your investment in your smile is tied to gaining a group of friends that you can trust and rely on that surpass your expectations. The amount of skill involved in creating your smile is demonstrated by the wonderful dedication and teamwork that is involved by the PI Dental Team. Naturally, a broken smile is due to something that hits the heart close that it seems hard to imagine how much repairing a smile can turn things around from the outside in. Each person’s situation is unique, but what is clear is that each person – everyone – deserves to smile because everyone deserves to live a life connecting to others and having opportunities that come through those connections. Living a full, prosperous life.. being able to smile.. is what makes a person happy. Everyone at the PI Dental Center welcomes each person with no judgment and an open heart. You will see that they work so hard because at the end of the day the rewards that follow are seen on the faces of each smile they create.. and they know it will change their patient’s life the moment they see their new smile. The PI Dental team is very dedicated to tailoring and constructing a smile for each patient so that it naturally takes shape to your face. Every step in the process is worth your investment, I can’t express that enough. For what you receive there is no price, just a decision. A smile is everything, it is your gateway to connect with the outside world.. after your surgery you will cry because you are so HAPPY in a way you either never experienced in your life or else in a way that you had forgotten you are able to be. I guarantee it. 🙂 The care the PI Dental Center gives their patients, from the time you first meet them.. until present day ..when you become part of the PI Family.. is something you just can’t find anywhere on the globe. I flew across the US in trust of their care and was blown away by what they could do for me, and the rest of my life, all in 1 day…and still they keep in touch with me and follow up with my care from miles away, never leaving me to feel the miles that separate us are ever a concern. They are busy, but never too busy to take time to address your concerns– if any — and promptly. They helped me transition to a local trusted Prosthodontist and have been so very helpful in ensuring a smooth hand all along the way. I know the door will never close on me, they leave it open and are happy to help. You have to experience the PI Dental Center firsthand because there is no other way to translate into words the gift you receive, in a smile.. but your smile will tell all! Thank you Dr. B., Mrs. B, and the PI Dental Center Team! You gave me my smile.. and as much as I continue to say so.. it is never any less true that you have changed forever and I am so glad to have found you!”
This was an excellent segment on how dental changed (and saved!) this person’s life! The “radio diva” could have hid behind the microphone, but she took a bold step forward in seeking help with her teeth and sharing her story with others. Dr. Balshi does amazing work!!! It is scary to lose all your teeth, but in this instance, she had no choice. And what a FANTASTIC result – she looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! She has a smile BETTER than Hollywood and clearly nothing (nothing NOW) will stop her from smiling! What a great segment – THANK YOU for sharing!!!
everyone goes out of their way to make your visit a pleasant experience and, that’s very much appreciated !!!
They may be a little more expensive than others, but they are easy to get an appointment and they have excellent hygienists and dentists.
Calming, informitive, professional
What a great experience I had in coming to your center yesterday! Dr. Wolfinger chose for me the least-restrictive course in addressing my problem … a root canal rather than extraction and implant. Responding to my need to make best use of insurance before year’s end, he tried to have me seen immediately by a nearby endodontist, then by a local Stroudsburg endodontist. After both attempts to find an appointment failed, Dr. Bowers stepped in and performed the procedure himself, saving us a great expense. Still facing a two-hour drive to be with family for the New Year, he took time to check yet another issue. My sincere thanks, Leslie Sloan
With great happiness and without hesitation do I make recommendation of these fine Doctors! As a practicing oral surgeon with years of experience, I still make the time to refine my knowledge with Dr. Balshi and his team. His dedication to the profession is genuine. But his passion to help people is without parallel. Understand that this man proudly deserves the title “doctor” and his philosophies have allowed me to help people in the area where I practice in New York. To experience the life changing procedure first hand with his patients has helped me as a clinician, and more importantly, the people that seek me for treatment have hope. Yet, the most precious feature of Dr. Balshi can be found in his humble nature, a genuine passion to help people, and the gift of being a teacher for those willing to dedicate the time. I am fortunate and proud to be associated with this gentleman. Dr. Anthony Del Vecchio Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon New York
The best possible care, by really nice people.
They are the greatest
The Pi Dental Center team provides the highest level of prosthodontic care. They have a history of over 30 years using osseointegrated dental implants to support permanent teeth.
The staff is so friendly and accommodating, it is a joy to see all of them. Dr. Balshi goes out of his way to listen to your needs and offer solutions that are custom designed just for you. My smile is better now than it ever has been before. I highly recommend the Pi Team to anyone looking to fix, rebuild, replace or simply improve your dental health.
I have been going to the Pi Dental Center for as long as I can remember for professional hygiene maintenance. The staff is always so warm and friendly and the doctors always seem to give me the attention I need when necessary. It never feels like a rushed environment and it certainly doesn’t feel like a typical dental office. I will continue to go there for all my future dental needs. SB
The three part series by Joyce Evans provides an accurate description of the incredible journey taken by Patty Jackson to regain her health and her smile. Dr. Tom Balshi, Steven Balshi, and the rest of the PI team of professionals are compassionate, caring people seeking to improve the human condition. Having witnessed this process with my father-in-law, including the surgery, I can tell you that the patient leaves the Doctor’s office with a whole new attitude and outlook on life, not to mention a great smile. Keep up the good work!
P. I. Is the epitome of dental knowledge and talent offered in a caring, efficient , friendly, and professional environment.
Dr. Balshi and his “crew” are a great team of professionals. With a positive and courteous attitude, they worked quickly and effectively at installing my implants, and best of all painlessly. Two hours later, I was eating dinner to celebrate! Thank you, Pi!
Very Satisfied with this office!! I wouldn’t hesitate to bring ANY of my family members or friends here…thanks!
The doctors and staff at PI Dental are the best in this country. The perfect smiles they create and improve every day are for their patients. When you put your patients’ needs and wishes first, the outcome can’t be anything but a result that goes beyond satisfaction. There’s a trust in knowing that the doctors and staff at PI have your best interests at heart. They want the best for you. They want to see you happy and confident with your smile. A new smile (or an improved smile) will change your life. Dr. Thomas Balshi performed my prosthodontic dental implant surgery in 2011. Since then, I’ve been able to enjoy my life again. I’m out of hiding, and back out in the world. What PI Dental has done for me has gone beyond providing me a new smile. My confidence has improved, my looks have improved (I look and feel younger) and my outlook on the world has changed dramatically. I look and feel the best I have in years, and I can honestly tell you that it’s all because of my dental implant surgery. What the doctors and staff at PI Dental can goes beyond perfect dentistry. As I said before, their work changes lives.

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