More Patient Testimonials

Our patients are our best source of referral. Here are some of their comments about dental implants, our specialists and our center.

Andretti“As a race car driver, I’ve always strived to be with a winning team. That means hiring the best engineers, utilizing the best equipment and applying state-of-the-art technology. It’s no different when it comes to my health. When I needed dental work, I went straight to the specialty team I knew had the training, experience and track record to do the job right.”

To the Staff of Pi Dental Center:

A better “crew” I’ve never seen! Each and every one of you is a professional. You make the patients feel at ease and have a great sense of humor, when it is appropriate. You all certainly made my “operation day” more of a “pleasure” than I thought it would be. You can take pride in the extraordinary work that you do.


Tim Durkin

Dear Dr. Balshi and Members of Pi Dental Center Family:

I truly thank each and everyone of you for everything. This experience is truly the gift that keeps giving.

Denise Charles

Dear Dr. Balshi and Staff,

After my dental surgery, I could not believe how fast and painless the dental system was. The next day I was able to return to my normal routine.

Dear Dr. Balshi and Staff:

I wanted to thank you so much for the consideration that you gave me when I was in Philadelphia. I really don’t think that you could have been more supportive or helpful, and my experience couldn’t have been better. You have the best staff, location and most accommodating people. I was so nervous, and have been through so many traumatizing times with my teeth. It all disappears in your office. I felt so relaxed and comfortable. Ya’ll are seriously the best and most personable professionals, and I appreciate it more than you know. Unbelievably, I have never felt so good about a medical decision.

Thank you again.

I continue to receive many favorable remarks about the naturalness and whiteness of my new teeth.

Many Thanks,

Fr. Tom Heron

Last night Eric introduced me to a handsome man he’d just met and said “this is my girlfriend Kasee”,..and the man said “I know who you are, I remember seeing you earlier at Hazelwood, I remebered you because I was staring at your beautiful smile”.

Pretty kool to hear that from someone who sincerely had no idea, and didn’t appear to be too intoxicated 🙂 Eric was so happy to see my face light up when he said that, because I know it did.

My gratitude to you will be how ongoing and forever. Never will I disregard much each and everyday my teeth make life SO much better, and how only you both made that difference happen. You gave me my life back.

Love, Kasee

Dear Tom,

Thanks so much for including me in this mailing. Great looking cases. Implants, as you are using them, are Godsends to patients like them. You’ve saved them a lifetime of relentless degeneration, pain and expense. I can understand your continued enthusiasm for practice.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Fran Clark

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