Prosthodontics Intermedica
Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Prosthodontics

The Pi Dental Center is a one of a kind dental care experience from the most sophisticated and life-changing dental implant restoration to a simple but perfectly fabricated single crown.

Founder, Dr. Thomas J. Balshi and his partner, Dr. Glenn J. Wolfinger are board certified prosthodontists, with globally recognized credentials for achievements in traditional and implant prosthodontics.  

Dedicated to streamlining procedures for maximum patient comfort and rapid recovery, “ Pi ” owns the trademark for Teeth in a Day, the replacement of even the most seemingly hopeless smile with a stable and healthy new one in a single office visit.

A healthy smile is the signature of wellness, the greatest resource for self-confidence and and a strong preventive measure against systemic disease and cardiac malfunction.  Our specialty is customizing each individual dental solution with extraordinary attention to detail and affordability.

From All-on-4®, the most entry level dental implant protocol to zygomatic implants for those lacking enough bone for traditional implant care, to AvaDent™ digital dentures, Pi proudly publishes a 99% success rate.


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