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Dental Implants - The First Choice for Dental Care

Dental implants are the state of the art in twenty-first century dentistry. Decades of research and extraordinarily high success rates have endowed the science of implant dentistry with an excellent reputation.

Dental implants have become more predictable, enduring and cost effective than traditional dental solutions and are now possible for virtually any patient, with or without a volume of bone mass, and even for those with a history of systemic disease.

Dental Implants - A Superior Solution

Far superior to removable dentures, dental implants are the new rescue mission for failing teeth. Because dental implants are non-removable, they function like natural teeth, stabilizing the jaw, defying aging, and enhancing both chewing and digestion. Equally important, dental implants provide confidence.

Choose a Prosthodontist

It is essential to begin the consultation process with a board certified prosthodontist.

Whether a patient requires one implant or a complete upper and lower arch restoration, the precise placement of the dental implants and the positioning of the prosthetic teeth are crucial.

Because the end result should offer maximum dental function, superior esthetics and total comfort, the engineering expertise of this specialist is key to long term satisfaction.

Advanced Training Matters

The training of prosthodontists enables them to perform more complex procedures and employ advanced strategies. They envision the function of the final smile in the patient’s mouth even while placing the implants. When the same contractor oversees each step of a new building, it ensures that everything is in the right place at the right time. Similarly, the prosthodontist’s design from implant placement to the final restoration delivers the best results.

Be An Educated Consumer of Dental Care

All dental implants are not created equal! And all procedures are not as predictable as those performed in the Pi Dental Center. Since dental implants are a significant investment in quality of life, it is wise to understand what implants are, why the cost of dental implants cannot be reduced without sacrificing quality, and why “Pi” is your best choice for the smile of your life.

What’s “Hip” in Cosmetic Dentistry

The quest for fitness in America has expanded to embrace healthy smiles and the average patient visiting the Pi Dental Center comes with some knowledge of dental implants and at least a glimmer of the endless possibilities.

While veneers are still a sought after commodity, they require healthy teeth beneath them, and are usually the shortest term cosmetic dental solution.  Smiles constructed on dental implants are stronger, much longer lasting, and infinitely more cost effective.  They also allow a prosthodontist to use his artistic skill to innovatively custom design every smile.

The beauty of dental implant treatment is that it has the power to transform almost any smile and therefore also transforms lives.  Even patients who have suffered with dentures for years or patients who have lost the majority of their intraoral bone can have a solid, healthy, non-removable smile that attracts attention.

Though research indicates America still has a major population sporting missing teeth, there is definitely a trend toward seeking better dental health using the technological advances available with dental implants.  From the simple “All on 4” to the zygomatic implant protocols, there is a distinctive smile available for most every patient.

Choose Pi

The Pi Dental Center is a one of a kind dental care experience from the most sophisticated and life-changing dental implant restoration to a simple but perfectly fabricated single crown.

Founder, Dr. Thomas J. Balshi and his partner, Dr. Glenn J. Wolfinger are board certified prosthodontists, with globally recognized credentials for achievements in traditional and implant prosthodontics.  

Dedicated to streamlining procedures for maximum patient comfort and rapid recovery, “ Pi ” owns the trademark for Teeth in a Day, the replacement of even the most seemingly hopeless smile with a stable and healthy new one in a single office visit.

A healthy smile is the signature of wellness, the greatest resource for self-confidence and and a strong preventive measure against systemic disease and cardiac malfunction.  Our specialty is customizing each individual dental solution with extraordinary attention to detail and affordability.

From All-on-4®, the most entry level dental implant protocol to zygomatic implants for those lacking enough bone for traditional implant care, to AvaDent™ digital dentures, Pi proudly publishes a 99% success rate.

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