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AvaDent Digital Dentures

Pi Dental Center, AvaDent<sup>®</sup> Center, in Fort Washington, PAThere is always something new and exciting at the Pi Dental Center. While dental implants continue to be the “specialty of the house,” the advent of the AvaDent Digital Denture gives us still another way to create a sparkling smile that can be worn with pride and confidence. This is a removable prosthodontic product, but one that is far superior to traditional dentures and one that both esthetically and functionally stands heads above “your mother’s denture.”

AvaDent® Videos:

The new wave of prosthodontic teeth is robotically milled, allowing them to have predictable precision and strength. The process is quicker and more patient friendly, and repairs, if needed, require minimal time, effort and cost. They are an affordable solution for most every budget.

AvaDent Digital Dentures Are Not Your Grandmother's DentureAvaDent® Digital Denture: The Pi team avidly seeks what we regard as the best quality in scientific achievement, natural esthetics, and patient acceptance, both physically and emotionally. With patients for whom dental implant treatment is not an option, the AvaDent® Digital Denture is an effective alternative that is deserving of Pi endorsement.

This new avant-garde treatment protocol is available NOW at the Pi Dental Center. We are pleased to showcase close familiarity with the engineering of this product as well as expert training through partnership with Global Dental Sciences in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dental Implant Surgery for a patient receiving the AvaDent<sup>®</sup> Prosthesis is performed in Veiwpoint Center

AvaDent<sup>™</sup> with OI

Check Out Advantages of AvaDent Digital Dentures:

  • Reduced number of appointments
  • Computer Precision fit
  • Natural look and feel
  • Can be “converted” to non-removable if implants are installed
  • Permanent digital record (easy replacement if lost or misplaced or a spare is desired)
  • High satisfaction rate
  • Resistant to build-up of bacteria, easy to clean

Milling process of AvaDent® Denture - Designing the AvaDent® Denture Designing AvaDent™ Digital Denture

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