Pi Partners With AvaDent

Pi Partners With AvaDent

Pi Dental Center partners With AvaDent. Board certified prosthodontists at the Pi Dental Center proudly announce the carving of a strategic partnership with Global Dental Science, LLC, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona to achieve optimum product development, research and professional education with AvaDent digital dental products.  AvaDent®’s emerging technology lends itself to dental implant prostheses construction that will resist breakage with no sacrifice to esthetics and that will cost effectively be manufactured in just a few days’ time.  The AvaDent® smile is destined to become the state of the art for both provisional and final prostheses.  The newest enhancements will be available first on the East Coast at the Pi Dental Center.

Stephen F. Balshi, MBE, the president and CEO of CM Prosthetics and the director of research for the Pi Dental Center will spearhead the educational aspect of implementing this sophisticated technology into practice for the benefit of dental implant patients.  Training programs for restorative dentists and laboratory technicians will be published this summer.

Dr. Tom Balshi, the founder of the Pi Dental Center, is confident that the adoption of the AvaDent digital dental products will be the next forward step in achieving the finest dental implant prostheses available in the USA and in guaranteeing patients smiles that will last for life.

Global Dental Science (AvaDent®) is the leading provider of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) for full mouth rehabilitation.  According to Tim Thompson, President and CEO, the relationship with Pi Dental Center and CM Prosthetics will accelerate the surge of AvaDent®’s technology in the dental market.

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA