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Why Pi®

A smile is so much more than the cosmetic appearance of the teeth. It is the first thing that others see when they meet you. Improving your appearance is the everyday business of Pi Dental Center.

Our Credentials

For the patient embarking upon a new smile built with dental implants, the credentials of the team are significantly important. Many prospective patients seeking online guidance begin by looking for a “dental implant dentist.” This is actually a misnomer, as to date, the American Dental Association has not sanctioned a residency program for dental implant dentists that leads to specialty recognition.

Various dental specialties strive to “own” dental implant procedures, but as the end of the journey to the new smile is prosthetic teeth, it is wise to involve your prosthodontist from the beginning.  Pi doctors were among the pioneers establishing dental implant treatment protocols in the United States.

In the last thirty years, Pi’s board certified prosthodontists have placed more than 40,000 Brånemark System Dental Implants with a 99% success rate. The Pi Dental Center is the oldest and largest of its kind in the United States.

Our Experience Saves Your Time

Experience translates to conservation of time for the patient, and conservation of time in the chair translates to quicker, smoother implant placement with minimal trauma. Similarly, minimal trauma translates to quicker healing.

Pi owns the trademark for
Teeth in a Day®

Bone Grafts for Dental ImplantsThis dental implant system was developed in our own center for creating healthy, sparkling smiles in a single visit. At Pi, dramatic changes occur in a single day!

We use only the highest caliber of implant materials. We require the most discerning, artistic on site laboratory support to create natural looking, fully functional teeth. Our staff offers unmatched skill and sensitivity in creating the most customized treatment experience for each individual patient.

We are not a national chain with protocols dictated from a production desk to reward investors.

The Pi Dental Center is one of the only places in the country with extensive experience using zygomatic implants. These implants make complete smile restorations possible for patients who have lost extensive bone. Bone grafts for dental implants are rarely necessary with zygomatic implants. We call this the No Bone Solution and it is still possible to have Teeth in a Day® when using these implants. General anesthesia is highly recommended.

The Pi Dental Center is involved in ongoing zygoma implant research with other centers worldwide and has an equally strong success rate as with the use of standard implants.

At Pi, we are all about YOU, our patient

Our Skill + Experience + Old-fashioned Compassion = Your Confidence and Healthy New Smile.

Glenn Wolfinger DMD with Pat Ciarrocchi on CBS Talk Philly

Pi Dental Center serves patients from across the globe and from all fifty states, with a strong patient base in Philadelphia, where people love to bite into cheese steaks, and from New Jersey, where boardwalk pizza is a summer must.

View YouTube video of Dr. Glenn Wolfinger talking with Pat Ciarrocchi on CBS Talk Philly.

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