Dental Implant FAQs

Learn about dental implants. On this page, many common questions are answered in Dental Implants FAQs.

What is Teeth in a Day®?

dental implant faqs

Teeth in a Day® is the dental implant procedure that allows a patient to go from the most debilitated and unattractive smile to an esthetic set of “fixed” teeth (not dentures) in one single dental visit. Our trademarked procedure is often imitated, but never duplicated. Our planning for this dramatic dental transition is very comprehensive and includes the visionary assistance of a biomedical engineer to ensure that the immediate loading of teeth on the implants is accomplished with time efficiency and precision. At the Pi Dental Center, all phases of this treatment happen in-house, giving the patient certainty that Teeth in a Day® is just a matter of hours. Learn more about Dental Implant FAQS.

Will the procedure hurt?

Most patients tell us the procedure itself is not particularly painful. Most patients have dental implant procedures with local anesthesia and are kept comfortable throughout the duration. Some patients find having to “open wide” for the length of the procedure tedious, but this is very short-lived discomfort. Patients who closely adhere to post-op instructions for home care find that recovery from dental implant surgery is quick and minimally disruptive.

What will it cost?

Dental implant treatment is very customized; therefore, the cost is somewhat different for every case. Factors that influence the bottom line are the number of implants required to provide the foundation for the smile and the quality of material used to fabricate the final teeth. We generally liken the cost of a smile to the cost of a vehicle, realizing that it can be basic and functional, or truly luxurious. The smile, however, does not depreciate in value and will last longer than even the most well-engineered vehicle.

How long will it take?

A single tooth implant or the replacement of dentures with fixed teeth on implants can take less than an hour. More complex procedures will take two to four hours to place the implants and deliver a temporary non-removable set of teeth.

The doctor can estimate the expected time for the procedure during the diagnostic visit so that the patient can anticipate correctly. The more experience the doctor has with placing implants, the less time the procedure will take. The Pi Dental Center provides patients with fast-paced surgical skill and maximum time efficiency.

How many implant patients have you treated?

The Pi Dental Center has placed over 23,680 dental implants, many of which were for patients with seemingly hopeless conditions and many for patients with failing dental implants from another provider.

How successful is this procedure?

At the Pi Dental Center, our recorded success rate of prosthetic smiles built upon dental implants is 99%.

Can I talk to someone who has had this procedure?

Absolutely. We have many patients who openly share their Pi experience and encourage others to proceed with this care.

How soon can I get an appointment?

Because we have two board-certified prosthodontists on staff at the Pi Dental Center, most patients will find they can be scheduled for dental implant treatment within two weeks. Our staff reserves time every week for new patient consultations and, of course, emergencies are seen immediately.

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