Teeth In A Day® Treatment Because Your Time Is Valuable

As a creative, intelligent, energetic person you have goals and drive to enjoy life, share time with loved ones and make the world a better place. Whether you are painting a beautiful landscape, taking photos in a bustling city, researching to find a phenomenal new discovery, or watching a daughter play on a sports team, your time is so important! Maintaining or restoring a healthy mouth is also important.


You have better things to do than sit in a dental office. The doctors and staff at Pi Dental understand this. That is why shortening dental treatment time is essential.  Teeth In A Day® treatment allows us help you achieve the objective of perfecting your smile in the shortest possible time while maintaining your active lifestyle.

Teeth In A Day® treatment allows patients to leave our center with a non-removable interim set of teeth on the very same day as dental implant placement. The final prosthesis is delivered once the implants have osseointegrated (the process of bone fusing to implants) generally a three-month healing time. Learn more about how long dental implant treatment takes on our website.

Teeth In a Day Treatment For a Busy Life


For many years bone grafting was the preferred treatment choice for patients with very little bone in the upper jaw.  Zygomatic implant treatment is a predictable alternative with a proven success rate.  This option shortens the overall time spent in the dental chair.


Providing all dental services in one location simplifies your dental experience — eliminating the need to continually transmit dental records from one office to another and removing the risk of error. Single office care ensures continuity from start to finish.


Avoiding needed dental care is ultimately costly. Bone loss starts to occur as soon as teeth are extracted. This bone loss increases over time. The longer you wait to begin treatment, the more complicated that care becomes.  Waiting until treatment is unavoidable can reduce the treatment options available to you, increase cost and make it a lengthy process.


Once dental implant treatment is completed, insuring that the mouth remains healthy and attractive is key.  Your regular oral hygiene prophylaxis visits are a necessary part of maintaining dental health. The hygiene visits at Pi Dental Center are exactly one hour in length. In most other offices, oral hygiene cleaning appointments are 30 to 45 minutes but we believe that maintenance of your teeth and dental restorations is critical, so investing the extra time is worthwhile.

Since each oral hygiene cleaning appointment is scheduled every hour, keeping on schedule is very important for the dental hygienist. We ask our patients to arrive on time for their scheduled visit to make certain that all patients are seen on a timely basis.


We want our patients to learn as much information about their treatment before the process begins. In addition to providing a description of each dental procedure, our website outlines treatment times along with the number of visits required for the most common procedures that we perform here at Pi Dental Center.

Chris Raines, Pi Dental Center, Marketing and Information Systems Manager

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  1. Adam says

    In today’s busy life nobody can spend many hours in dental clinic. Shortening dental treatment time is really very important factor for any dental clinic. Really nice post. Keep posting.

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    People need this greatly. Because people used to be very busy nowadays.they do not have much time to give at doctors chamber specially for teeth. So one day treatment is a great one.

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    Yes I also agree that in this busy days people are looking for the same day or short time consuming treatment. So, I really appreciate this.

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