How long does it take?

The answer to this question depend upon the type of dental implant treatment provided.

"Teeth In A Day" treatment allows patients to have fixed teeth from the very first day of treatment.


Total treatment time can range from 3 months.  Teeth In A Day treatment allows patients to leave the center with a non-removable interim set of teeth the day of implant placement.  The final prosthesis is not delivered until the implants have osseointegrated (bone fuses to implants) – generally a three-month healing time.


Computer guided dental implant treatment allows patients to leave the center with fixed teeth in less than one hour.  Patients who qualify are given a CT-scan of the mouth with the denture in place in addition to a complete diagnostic evaluation.  Digital files from the i-CAT scans are reformatted using the Nobel Biocare Procera® System software which converts the CT data into a 3D image of the jaw and denture.  The prosthodontist performs virtual surgery on the 3D image. The file from this virtual surgery is then transmitted through the Internet for fabrication of the surgical guide.  The guide and all necessary surgical components are created in Nobel Biocare laboratories and express shipped to PI Dental Center where the implants and teeth are installed with the aid of the computer generated materials. The procedure requires no incision, no sutures and little post-operative swelling or discomfort.



“After my dental surgery, I could not believe how fast and painless the dental system was. The next day I was able to return to my normal routine.”



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