They’re Not Your Father’s Dentures

Their Not Your Father's Dentures

They’re Not Your Father’s Dentures

Advances in implant dentistry have allowed a large majority of patients to discover the pleasures of fixed replacement teeth. Still, there always will be some individuals who elect optional treatments.

For those who seek help from dentures, it is important to remember that thanks to modern technology and increasing expertise, such solutions are neither as visually obvious nor as uncomfortable as they were in years gone by.

Today’s skilled, board-certified prosthodontists combine the artistic and architectural elements of reconstructive dentistry to create solutions that duplicate the look of the patient’s original teeth. In addition to their own training, these experts offer patients the benefits of superior prostheses and new computerized color matching that assures the most accurate match of a patient’s original teeth.

Among the most recent advances:

Acrylic teeth that are every bit as lifelike as their porcelain counterparts. With today’s new dental products, patients no longer must choose between the look of porcelain and the functionality of acrylic.

Superior fit: Over the past four years, dental laboratories have made increasing use of the “closed flask” method of producing premium dentures. The pressure-packed, heat-cured prostheses reduce adjustment to a minimum.

Superior color: Prosthodontists who were limited to only a handful of shades not long ago can choose from approximately 30 today.

“With today’s advanced training and technical expertise, our goal with each patient is to deliver the most genuine smile possible,” says Dr. Glenn Wolfinger, one of two board-certified prosthodontists practicing at the PI Denture Center in Fort Washington. “There’s no greater satisfaction than not being able to distinguish the difference between prosthetic and original teeth.”

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