Making Dental Implants Affordable

The human body is the one place where compromise should not be an option.

Unlike a less expensive automotive vehicle that will still take us where we need to go but perhaps without some “bells and whistles,” the healthy function of human life requires bio-medically compatible materials that are bacteria free as well as skilled team methodology for surgical procedures.

There are reasons why dental implants are less financially costly overseas.

Where there is no government regulation of medical sterility, protecting surgical equipment and implant materials from contamination is unnecessary, thus reducing overhead costs for the providers of care.  Frequently infection causes these cases to fail.  The mandatory re-treatment that follows is then both financially more costly and costly to the body.

If a patient loses a limb due to accident or systemic disease, it is likely they will choose a prosthetic replacement that will have the most natural function and appearance and the best promise of longevity.  There should be no difference when choosing dental implant care, as it is equally significant to whole body health.

Rather than trying to lower the cost of dental implants by settling for less, seek ways to make what is best for you affordable. Though insurance companies have yet to step in stride with covering dental implant costs, banks and credit institutions are on board to help finance quality dental implant care.

At the Pi Dental Center, our patient relations coordinator will discuss several options for cutting edge dental implant treatment along with various ways to help patients comfortably afford the cost of their care.

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Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA