Replace Removable Dentures Permanently

Replacement of top dentures with permanent dental implants

Replacement of Top Dentures with Dental Implants

HealthCheck Reports: Nov. 3rd,  2003  A resource for all the HealthCheck and health- related reports from Action News’ Anita Brikman and Dr. Doron Schneider. 

Permanent Dental Implants

Teeth in an hour

Dorothy Gleason retired to Florida, but she came back to Fort Washington for a revolutionary procedure that would replace her top dentures with permanent dental implants.

Dorothy Gleason/ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA.: “I’m nervous, but I’m looking forward to it, because I absolutely hate dentures.”

Dr. Tom Balshi/Pi Dental Center: “This is dramatically different. this is so very light years ahead of what we did in the past.”

First, the patient went for a cat-scan at Montgomery Hospital in Norristown, wearing a special mouthpiece. Those images allow Dr. Balshi to plan the surgery on the computer ahead of time, figure out exactly where the implants will go, before ever cutting into the gums. All that information is then sent to Europe, where the implant company creates Dorothy’s new permanent teeth, and a mouthpiece to guide the operation.

Dr. Tom Balshi: “I have her teeth in my hand ready to go, I have the guide ready to go. I think we’ll all be amazed how quickly the procedure goes.”

Teeth In An Hour

In fact, it takes less than an hour. Dr. Balshi secures the implant guide to the jaw. Then, the implants themselves are drilled into place, and the teeth attached. There’s minimal bleeding, and Dorothy gets an immediate look at the results.

And even though her mouth is still numb, Dorothy’s able to enjoy some crab legs and champagne right after her procedure!

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA