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Patient Testimonials

We ask our patients about their experience at Pi Dental Center. Here are some of their responses.

I am a new patient! Just had surgery on Friday! This has been my dream to be their patient since I saw a report on Good Morning America back in the 90’s. I was so interested that I ordered their DVD . I have had major problems for as long as I can remember and so wished to go to “THE BEST”. I was blessed that I am their patient ! From the moment I went in for a consultation and testing I knew right away that this was the place for me! Everyone was kind , friendly, sympathetic and attentive and very professional! Day of surgery I felt well cared for and safe. Dr. Wolfinger called me the night of surgery to see how I was and responded immediately to my call on the weekend! .I can’t say enough about PI Dental and the doctors and all the staff! And this comes from a life-long dental phobic ! I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to get this LIFE CHANGING procedure done here! And it will be a life changer for me ! Thank you Dr. And Mrs. Balshi, Dr. Wolfinger, and your amazing staff! Rosemary



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Jennifer Marshall
Can’t say enough about how happy I am with the treatment you all provided. Every time I can smile and not think about it, every time I can eat a meal without thinking too hard about WHAT I’m eating or HOW I’ll eat it, and the fact that my teeth and gums are healthy again… well, it just means an awful lot to me. Tha…nk you Dr. Balshi, Dr. Wolfinger and all your staff!

Dr. Wolfinger,
Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for the professional courtesy and care I received at your facility. This includes everyone that I encountered from the reception area to those that participated in my procedure.

Your patience, sensitivity and genuine concern for my situation helped me immeasurably. That evening I was able to drink a glass of cold water for the first time in years. It may not sound like a major accomplishment but for me it was a milestone. As each day goes by I am more impressed with my personal cosmetic results from your skill and expertise.

You and your excellent staff have done a remarkable job and I look forward to completing my procedure.



“My new teeth are almost like being born all over again.”

“The absolutely wonderful news is that my TMJ no longer bothers me at all and I would have to say that I got my MIRACLE.”
From birth to about age 18, I was a normal person. From age 18 to age 25, I was a “dental cripple”, running to the dentist for my rapidly deteriorating teeth so frequently that through most of college I had a weekly standing dentist appointment, like some old rich lady going to her hairdresser.
At age 25 I became a “dental freak”, with the goal of hiding my disgusting toothlessness underlying my every interaction or undertaking. Whatever I did in life or however genuinely and honestly I longed to live life, in the back of everything I did, I was “keeping a secret”, hoping never to get into a situation in which I would be found out for the repulsive freak I really was.
Just before coming to you folks, I was one very DESPERATE dental freak, because my top teeth no longer fit (I could barely play!) and my home dentist said they couldn’t be made to fit any longer. To compond my misery, one of the teeth which held my bottom bridge was abscessed and wiggling…and there was NO ONE on this planet who seemed able to help me at all. I actually found myself wishing more than once that a car would hit me and put me out of my misery. I’m not the depressed type, but what was left of my fragile “cover” was disintegrating, and there didn’t seem to be any way out at all.
This very morning, fifteen days shy of my 50th birthday…I WOKE UP AS A NORMAL PERSON ONCE AGAIN!
“Thank you” is a pretty simple set of words to express the depths of my incredible gratitude and unthinkable wonder in being restored to the “normal person” I used to be. And boy, does this “normal person” ever have some cool plans for the near future:
1. I’m going to tilt my head back and laugh in public with complete abandon, with my mouth open! (It will take some work to break my long-standing habit of laughing through my hand, lest somebody see inside, but I don’t have to do that anymore!!!).
2. I’m going to burn the roof of my mouth with cocoa on a cold day and have myself an ice cream headache via my barenaked soft palate (two of life’s great experiences for “normal people”, or so I’ve heard!)
3. I’m going to spend my next 50 years biting boldly into pieces of fruit (I actually can really and truly do that someday??? I can’t imagine it!), and eating steak in public without sounding like a full percussion section!
But most of all, thanks to what you’ve given back to me, I’m just going to be able to walk around this earth and make music and care for my family and love people and get things done…and I will do all these things with nothing to hide, for the very first time in a LONG time! That is going to feel so incredibly freeing that I can’t yet wrap my mind around what it will feel like. I will no longer be a phony, crouching in the shadows in self-protection, lips pressed tightly together to conceal my shame. Thanks to what you and the dear Swedish docs have made possible for people like me, I can once again BE the me that I was supposed to be!
Thank you for, FIRST of all, being so willing to talk to me over the course of this journey. Dr. Wolfinger, I must have driven you bonkers with my zillions of email expressing my terror that the surgery on the bottom wouldn’t work, or that I wouldn’t be able to play…and bless your heart, you answered every one, and even called me! I have never seen anyone so patient, and your kindness is what gave me the courage to go ahead with replacing the bottom teeth (which I didn’t even know were bad, because two dentists and a surgeon never bothered to check!)

And certainly, thank you both for your awesome competence. Everything you said would happen, DID happen! Everyone else dubbed me “WAY beyond hope”….and then you FIX me!!! WOW! When I make this 2-hour trip (via scary turnpikes and all!) to PI, I am truly in the presence of greatness!

Thank you…thank you…THANK YOU for this absolute life-changing miracle!!!! I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow…and the next day….and the day after that….’cause I’ll STILL be normal!!!!

Thanks so much….so VERY much…for making me into who I was supposed to be all these years!

“Life is much more worth living with dental implants. I couldn’t imagine living without them now. They spoiled me!”

“Dental implants are the next best thing to your own natural teeth. I make this statement after having both a partial plate and a permanent bridge.”

“It is great to be told that I have a fantastic smile.”

“It was one of the most enriching experiences I have ever had. I would recommend it to anyone. There is no comparison to wearing dentures.”

“I now have the wonderful smile that I didn’t have in my youth and I plan to smile often and smile long!”

“The surgery has completely faded from my memory…these are ‘my teeth’ again like Mother Nature intended.”

“I had a wonderful time!”

“The prize is not having to put my teeth in a glass at night!”

“All my life, ‘Murphy’s Law’ was the operant factor where my teeth were concerned. If something could go wrong, it did. For years after my implants were placed (1985), I waited for the ‘Law’ to go into effect. I am finally convinced that it won’t.”

“I love my implants. The best part is that no one knows they aren’t my natural teeth…not even a good friend of mine who is an oral surgeon!”

“I used to dread the words, ‘Say Cheese.’ I would cover my mouth and try to smile without anyone noticing my retainer and the stains. I couldn’t go out for a pizza with my friends without sneaking my retainer out of my mouth and then keeping from smiling. I resembled a jack-o-lantern! Implant surgery was not half as bad a I feared. My temporary teeth looked great, but the ‘real ones’ are even better. I am all healed now, and as for pictures…I am a real pro!”

“When my new permanent teeth were installed upon the implants, I could not tell the difference from my original, natural teeth. I’ve had them for years now and have actually forgotten that they are not my original teeth.”

“Being a widow, it was a big step for me to take, but I’m forever grateful that I made this decision. I’m not afraid to smile or laugh. I can eat absolutely anything and really enjoy it.”

“Expensive? I have never really thought of it as being expensive. It costs about the same as a family vacation in Disney® World. Disney® can give you a week-long smile; implants can give you a smile for a lifetime.”

“Before my dental implants, I used to show my family dentist pictures of magazine smiles. He referred me to Pi Dental Center. The results are better than magazine smiles.”

“Like the song from the Broadway show, ‘ANNIE’ relates, “you are never fully dressed without a smile”! Smiles are contagious. When I smile, everyone around me smiles back.”

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA