Evaluate Credentials and Experience

Evaluate Credentials and Experience With Dr. Wolfiner and The Pi TeamThe Pi Dental Center® is globally recognized as a one-of- its-kind institution.  Established in 1986,  “Pi” is a mecca for dental implant development, research, teaching and mentoring, and especially patient care. Evaluate Credentials and Experience of our center.

“Pi” is short for Prosthodontics Intermedica, a term that denotes the complete rebuilding of broken smiles while compassionately caring for the whole patient, mindful of their physical and emotional ups and downs, and endeavoring to connect with the inner smile that is always alive and well.

Board Certified Prosthodontist and expert in dental implant treatment in the USA, Dr. Glenn Wolfinger treats some of the most complex cases in the nation, with referrals coming from dentists across the entire country.  His ability to re-create healthy, attractive smiles with dental implants for patients having no remaining bone has rescued many from the doom of dentures, and put confidence and hope back in the step of people withdrawn from society and out of the workforce.

The Pi Dental Center has placed more than 40,000 dental implants and has a 99% clinical success rate.  It is the oldest and largest center of its kind.

Specialists in various dental disciples and even family dentists may sometimes hold themselves out as an “implant dentist,” however it is the curriculum of the prosthodontist that lends itself most efficiently to engineering lifetime prosthetic smiles.

Research is regularly conducted at Pi Dental Center contributing valuable scientific knowledge to the dental community. Pi hosts internships for dental students who are pursuing degrees.  These interns come from all over the United States.

109 research articles have been published by medical and dental journals, emanating from Pi Dental Center authors.

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA