Dental Center Overview

Pi Dental Center is a comprehensive dental care center, conveniently located near the convergence of Route 309 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Fort Washington, and within walking distance of the Septa train station. Our facility combines state of the art technology, highly skilled team dentistry, and warm professionalism, ensuring that each patient feels uniquely important and secure in their decision to become a part of our “Pi” Family.

Pi Dental Center means just what the name states. Our specialty is prosthodontics…the replacement of decayed and/or missing teeth with healthy, secure prosthetic teeth that frequently function even better than natural ones. Intermedica refers to our dedication and sensitivity to all fields of health, and our commitment to make each treatment experience one that considers and protects the total patient needs.

All of the traditional restorative dental procedures are available at Pi Dental Center. Under the leadership of Dr. Glenn Wolfinger, a Board Certified Prosthodontist and director of our care center, crowns, bridges, bonding, tooth whitening, and artistic cosmetic dentistry enjoy the support of our own in-house laboratory. Personal detailing is accomplished with maximum precision and a minimum number of visits.

At Pi Dental Center, a good doctor/patient relationship is essential to successful treatment. Rapport is established during the first visit and maintained through each and every appointment.

Pi Dental Center’s reputation has grown, most substantially through our implant prosthodontics. With thirty years of experience, both in clinical dentistry and research, our care center offers the complete dental implant experience under one roof, from the consultation to the delivery of the fully functional, beautiful smile. Our team of professionals are prepared to make each patient’s experience a confident and comfortable journey, giving personal attention to every question.

Our business is making people smile. Our smiles are produced by a dedicated team of health care professionals with incomparable training and a passion for perfect results. A smile never ages, and while much of the rest of the body finds compromise a part of aging, one’s teeth can look attractive and function well at any age. A healthy dentition contributes significantly to the smooth functioning of the digestive and cardiovascular systems. Pi Dental Center strives to assure that our patient family enjoy the highest quality of life through our dedication to their teeth.

Glenn J. Wolfinger, DMD, FACP

Our Patient’s View

“I used to dread the words, ‘Say Cheese.’ I would cover my mouth and try to smile without anyone noticing my retainer and the stains. I couldn’t go out for a pizza with my friends without sneaking my retainer out of my mouth and then keeping from smiling. I resembled a jack-o-lantern! Implant surgery was not half as bad a I feared. My temporary teeth looked great, but the ‘real ones’ are even better. I am all healed now, and as for pictures…I am a real pro!”

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA