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More Patient Testimonials

As always Connie and the front desk staff made my routine visit relaxing and comfortable. Part of the reason is simple; everyone cares, primarily about my teeth of course, but also about me and what’s best for me and that comes across in so many little ways. There is never the feeling of being pressured, time is taken to fully answer questions, whether about cleaning techniques or addressing other concerns and make sure everything is good. The level of patient care is outstanding, the friendly professionalism exceptional. Thank you all.

I am a new patient! Just had surgery on Friday! This has been my dream to be their patient since I saw a report on Good Morning America back in the 90’s. I was so interested that I ordered their DVD . I have had major problems for as long as I can remember and so wished to go to “THE BEST”. I was blessed that I am their patient ! From the moment I went in for a consultation and testing I knew right away that this was the place for me! Everyone was kind , friendly, sympathetic and attentive and very professional! Day of surgery I felt well cared for and safe. Dr. Wolfinger called me the night of surgery to see how I was and responded immediately to my call on the weekend! .I can’t say enough about PI Dental and the doctors and all the staff! And this comes from a life-long dental phobic ! I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to get this LIFE CHANGING procedure done here! And it will be a life changer for me ! Thank you Dr. And Mrs. Balshi, Dr. Wolfinger, and your amazing staff!     Rosemary

Can’t say enough about how happy I am with the treatment you all provided. Every time I can smile and not think about it, every time I can eat a meal without thinking too hard about WHAT I’m eating or HOW I’ll eat it, and the fact that my teeth and gums are healthy again… well, it just means an awful lot to me. Tha…nk you Dr. Balshi, Dr. Wolfinger and all your staff!  Jennifer

Dr. Wolfinger,

Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for the professional courtesy and care I received at your facility. This includes everyone that I encountered from the reception area to those that participated in my procedure.

Your patience, sensitivity and genuine concern for my situation helped me immeasurably. That evening I was able to drink a glass of cold water for the first time in years. It may not sound like a major accomplishment but for me it was a milestone. As each day goes by I am more impressed with my personal cosmetic results from your skill and expertise.

You and your excellent staff have done a remarkable job and I look forward to completing my procedure.



To Doctor Balshi and Staff,

I would like to take the time today to tell the doctor and staff how pleased I was with my recent surgery and implant procedure.

I was very hesitant about getting the implants and did extensive research on the subject. If the expense wasn’t enough to scare you, the operation was. After going back and forth to various dentists and implant specialists, I came to the conclusion that Dr. Balshi was the most knowledgeable doctor for this type of surgery. Still not convinced about this completely, I talked my sister, who is a nurse, into accompanying me the day of the operation. (She would save me). The not knowing was unnerving.

We were both quite surprised at how well things turned out. The surgery was not as bad as it appeared. We followed the instructions and I only had mild discomfort.

When I was in the office for a check-up recently, I saw a woman who was having the surgery that day (looking terrified). I assured her that all would be well and she would have very minimal discomfort if she followed the instructions. She looked relieved and thanked me.

Dr. Balshi, you and your staff are quite unique. What a pleasure to deal with such professionals.

A nice smile can go a long way.

Again thank you.

Patricia Rallis

PS: If you want to use me as a reference please feel free to do so.


Dear Dr. Balshi and Staff:

I want to thank you for your expertise and quality care that you rendered to me during my dental implant experience. I was especially impressed with Julie and her knowledge and great personality during my past visit.

Fondly, J.