A Tale Of Two Smiles: Or Wisdom Vs. Wheels

A few years back, a dignified new retiree from a flourishing company wanted to celebrate his retirement with a treat to himself.  He knew his smile was not his best feature and that it actually distracted from his appearance.  He visited the Pi Dental Center and had a comprehensive treatment plan designed to give him a sparkling, healthy smile that was sure to take a dozen years off his face and carry him through for the rest of his life. 

Let’s call him Ed.  Ed was not able to value orient the worth of a confident smile, so instead of dental treatment, he opted to purchase a new BMW.  For several months, he was well noticed for his flashy car.

Today, the car no longer turns any heads and is worth but a fraction of what he paid for it.  His teeth have gotten grayer, his face has aged, the money is spent and there is little left to show for it.

The same year, an actively practicing physician and university educator, regretted the grumpy look he had on his face in his daughter’s wedding album.  He was hiding a twisted and discolored lack of a smile.  On the verge of buying a new Porsche, he quickly switched gears and decided to invest in himself instead.  Let’s call him Joe.

Joe visited the Pi Dental Center and experienced Teeth in a Day™ His instant new handsome appearance infused him with a deep pleasure every time he had reason to see himself in a mirror.  It built self-confidence; it built energy; it made him feel he had transferred his wealth to the right place.  Today his engaging smile makes everyone around him feel the glow.  The smile will never depreciate.  Joe hopes to buy his Porsche in a few more years, but if it never happens, he believes his smile was the secret to mid-life crisis and a dream he wished he had grasped sooner.

Who made the best life decision, Ed or Jo?

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  1. Leslie Carbine says

    Your smile is your most visible sign of happiness. PI Dental gave me a new smile and happiness that will last a lifetime:)

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