Dr. Alfano discusses AvaDent Digital Dentures Live on CBS Talk Philly

Dr. Alfano appeared on CBS Talk Philly with Pat Ciarrocchi where he introduced Avadent Digital Dentures, a new technology available at PI Dental Center in Fort Washington.  

Dr. Alfano with Pat Ciarrocchi Live on CBS Philly

Here is the conversation: 

Pat Ciarrocchi:  “Well If you have been struggling with your dentures, now `there is some new technology that can give you a custom fit that looks more like natural teeth than custom dentures. Here to talk about it is Dr. Steve Alfano of Pi Dental. You call these digital dentures.” 

Dr. Alfano begins,  “Yes, that’s right.  It has been kind of exciting. There have been so many advances in dentistry with implants and crowns. And finally, for someone that loves to make dentures, now we can take advantage of the CAD CAM technology. And this denture is made from a block of acrylic that is processed 50 times stronger. It is made out of this acrylic which is processed in an industry setting so it much stronger than a conventional denture and there is no porosity in it. So it resists bacteria and that smell that you would get.   It is really a wonderful thing.” 

Pat:  “You know there are a lot of people who like dental implants, you hear about that, but you say that this is an alternative.”

Alfano:  “Well it is an alternative.  Dental implants are great, that’s state of the art.  You can actually use this product eventually with dental implants. There is a technique to do that. But not everybody can go straight to dental implants.  This is a wonderful product. You can have it made in as little as 2 visits. And if anything happens to it, there is a digital file. They can remake it right away. You don’t have to go through the whole process of having it made again.” 

Pat:  “Terrific and look at this, (shows photo of patient).  What a wonderful difference that is.  Isn’t that wonderful?–. And we also wonder if dentures are durable. I think that’s a real concern and we have a fun picture, it’s actually a dog with dentures!  (showing dog chewing on AvaDent denture) 

Dr. Alfano: “It is the unofficial dog chew test. So this one survived!  But let’s say something happened and you lost it and you needed another; you can have a new one shipped out, because they maintain a copy. But this dog was not able to destroy the denture. That is nice”.  

Pat: “So tell us about Avadent denture.” 

Dr. Alfano: “That’s what this is. Avadent is a company that a few years began doing this process. It has come a long way. Drs. Balshi and Wolfinger at Pi Dental Center are working closely with them and really developing the product and it is a wonderful denture.” 

Pat: “We really want to make sure that people smile well and that they can eat and enjoy their food.” 

Alfano: “It’s a wonderful denture. Thank you.” 

Pat: “So if you want more information about Pi Dental Center and also Avadent digital dentures you can go to CBSPhilly.com and click on Talk Philly. When it comes to smiles, the hottest new technology is the digital denture. If you or someone you know is interested in this, or can use the expertise of PI Dental, please visit: http://dentalimplants-usa.com/ ”

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Stephen G. Alfano, DDS, MS

Dr. Stephen Alfano, a board certified prosthodontist, joins Pi Dental Center October 2014. Dr. Alfano is a faculty member at Temple University – Maurice H. Kornberg School Of Dentistry and teaches prosthodontics. Previously, Dr. Alfano served as Chairman of Oral Surgery and Hospital Dentistry at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California. His Navy practice focused primarily on dental implant treatment for completely edentulous and conventional prosthodontic patients. Dr. Alfano is also a Fellow in the American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics. Dr. Alfano taught General Practice Residents basic restorative and implant dentistry at the Naval Medical Center. He has published articles about prosthetics, surgical techniques and dental materials in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, the Journal of Facial and Somato Prosthetics and Operative Dentistry.

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  1. Family Dentist in Jaipur says

    CAD/CAM technology is so helpful in dental treatment. It improves the design and creation of dental restorations and including crown lays veneers, inlays and onlays.

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  2. wandagholmes says

    Haii Thomas, I had a dental implant for one of the lower teeth. Before doing the implantation it was very difficult to smile in front of the people because there was no teeth. Because there was vacant space the food particles get stuck there and it was weird at that time. Now i am very happy that I got my smile back.

  3. Jennifer says

    Wow congratulation now dental implantation has become easy due to advent of new technologies. So getting your new smile is marvellous experience for you.

  4. Cynthia Broussard says

    I want so badly to get rid of these awful dentures. I am missing out on my life. I wish you had an office in Baton Rouge, La.

  5. Thomas Balshi says

    Patients travel from locations all across the country to have treatment in our center. They usually plan on two to four visits to our center, each consisting of one to 4 days. Most fly into Philadelphia international airport and take a train or limousine to Fort Washington. Some rent a car. There is a Hilton Garden Inn and also a Holiday Inn within walking distance of our dental center. On the first day, patients have their diagnostic workup and are presented with a treatment plan. Dental implants may be placed later the same day or the following day and a temporary non-removable prosthesis delivered. Patients usually return 3 months later for the impression for the final prosthesis. The final prosthesis may be delivered during a subsequent visit or within a few days from the final impression. Depending upon the type of prosthesis the patient chooses; the time needed for the lab to make the final prosthesis varies.

  6. Joey Constanza says

    Having seeing my dad come out of the dentists office after receiving his new dental implants brought a big smile to my face. It’s almost like getting contacts or glasses for the first time, you just can’t help but smile because you can see. But with teeth it’s even better because you are smiling and everyone else can see that beautiful smile of yours. http://www.oxnard-dentistry.com

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