Is Do-It-Yourself Dentistry a Good Choice?

Finding a fast and simple solution can be quite tempting. Snap-on-veneers provide the instant gratification that many people seek. New dental labs now bypass the dentist with a cheap, “Do It Yourself” product.  These removable veneers cover the teeth to hide a world of dental health problems. This blog discusses Do-It-Yourself Dentistry.

Traditional dental veneers that are made in a dental office are a viable option in some dental situations. They are thin shells made of porcelain or composite resin that are bonded to the front of the teeth. These custom veneers improve the appearance of the teeth. They are purely cosmetic and do not provide support or coverage but simply hide imperfections.

Snap-on-veneers are a type of removable prosthesis that fit on top of the teeth to change their appearance.

Some dentists make snap-in-veneers. They can be a reasonable short-term solution in certain situations, provided that patients receive quality dental care and necessary treatment in a timely manner.

But there are now dental labs that attempt to cut out the dentist altogether and promote the idea that patients can successfully treat themselves “in the comfort of their own homes” with no dental visit. These labs advise the public not to fix their teeth, but instead, cover up the problem.

One company refers to their snap-in-veneers as “dental contrivances.” The definition of a contrivance is “a device that gives a sense of artificiality.” While an artificial appearance may be one drawback of these phony snap-in-teeth, there are other significant issues to consider.

Here are some of the problems that customers have been reported with Do-It-Yourself Snap-In Veneers:

  • People have reported that the teeth keep falling out.
  • Customers have discovered the teeth were the wrong shade.
  • Some people cannot talk while wearing them.
  • Others cannot eat with them.
  • They have been referred to as “Joke Shop Teeth.”
  • They sometimes curl at the gum line to expose the underlying natural teeth.
  • The plastic material can be prone to degrade when exposed to UV radiation, such as sunlight.
  • Some of the companies have been unresponsive to customer complaints.

These dental labs purport that these “contrivances” are affordable options; however, the long term cost of ignoring necessary dental care is economically expensive and unhealthy. Ignoring dental care can lead to periodontal disease and the loss of teeth, which in turn affect overall health.

“Do it yourself dental treatment can produce hazardous results”

Dr. Wolfinger states, “Do it yourself treatment can produce hazardous results. A proper diagnosis is essential prior to embarking on dental treatment. Dentists are properly trained to make a diagnosis and recommend treatment options. Overlooking disease to simply mask the problem could lead to more serious problems. Teeth may be discolored due to an abscess or decay. Teeth may be mal-positioned due to bone or gum disease. It is essential to do a thorough dental examination including radiographs and a clinical exam to fully understand the etiology of the problem and to determine the proper treatment.”

Lab technician, Toni Robinson, quipped, “Hiding decay and disease will eventually catch up to you … and usually at the most inconvenient time!”

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the appearance or health of your teeth.

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  1. Pi Dental Center Additional Information says

    Here is some additional information from the British Dental Journal: This article describes the experience of a woman sought dental care in a state of extreme physical and emotional distress after she purchased a clip-on veneer online from a company offering a ‘million dollar smile instantly’. The authors state, “It would appear there is a growing market in unregulated home dental kits including whitening, orthodontic and smile make-over procedures. We hope this case helps support dentists to challenge the perceived wisdom patients may have in these fast and significantly less expensive alternatives to traditional dentistry. The cost to the NHS for the patient’s four attendances and the concomitant emotional burden to the patient serve to highlight how such quick fixes can easily become false economies.”

  2. ADA Launches Public Awareness Campaign Discouraging DIY Dentistry says

    The Association ran a full-page ad in the Aug. 3 Wall Street Journal encouraging readers to visit an ADA dentist and avoid do-it-yourself, or DIY, dentistry. The ad is the beginning of an ADA-led public awareness campaign on the potential concerns to patients when using do-it-yourself treatments. These include teeth straightening kits, veneers, bruxing devices and other solutions typically executed under the care of a dentist or specialist. “We know it’s harder than ever to know who to trust,” the ad says. “The ADA believes that ongoing supervision by a dentist is critical for any dental care you receive. Dental diagnoses and treatments are not do-it-yourself projects.” The campaign stems from a policy passed by the 2017 ADA House of Delegates that “strongly discourages” the practice of do-it-yourself orthodontics because of the potential risks to patients. (Author: Kimber Solana)

  3. compass dental says

    compass dental : Strange but true. Thanks, For the availing informative blog about Veneers. it’s really helpful to those people who thought, they are wasting their money on veneers.

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