No Bone Solution for Successful Dental Implant Treatment

No Bone Solution is a special dental implant treatment protocol developed at the Pi Dental Center. It combines unique computer guided implant surgery with precision screw retained fixed prosthodontic rehabilitation of the severely atrophic maxilla. The protocol eliminates the need for invasive bone grafting and extensive procedures.

Thomas Balshi, D.D.S. says, “The No Bone Solution patient is typically someone who has been suffering with a removable denture for many, many years and as a result, the underlying bone atrophies, or dissolves away.”

Dr. Balshi helped develop the system that utilizes more than just the jaw bone to anchor teeth. He says, “We are able to do the no bone solution by putting in these very long implants that transect the sinus and come out and into the cheek bone. It gives us the stability to anchor the teeth.”

Read two articles below describing the No Bone Solution:

No Bone Solution For Dental Implant Treatment

Treating Patients With “No Bone” In The Upper Arch

The development of Cone-Beam CT Scanning technology and 3D guided planning has allowed minimally invasive treatment. Complex cases can be pre-planned to produce a surgical template for dental implant placement in precise predetermined position.  This allows patients with severed atrophy to be treated with a highly predictable protocol.

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