Pi Dental Center Celebrates National Prosthodontics Awareness Week

At Fort Washington’s Pi Dental Center, we are celebrating the achievements this week of two board certified prosthodontists.  Dr. Tom Balshi, founder of the center and his partner, Dr. Glenn Wolfinger, are Fellows of the American College of Prosthodontists and are actively involved in cutting edge research, education of the profession and the public, comprehensive patient care, and the promotion of the specialty of Prosthodontics.

Our week kicked off with very special guests to VIEWPOINT, the conference venue at the Pi Dental Center.  Graduate dental students from Harvard University Dental School and from The University of Connecticut School of Dentistry are present for an advanced course in Pi’s trademarked Teeth In a Day™ dental implant protocol.

On Wednesday, Pi will host Open House for the public, with mini-lectures, tours, free consultations, festive refreshments and surprise giveaways. Treated patients will be on hand to share their experiences with prospective patients. Throughout the week all patients and guests will receive our brand new specially designed Pi chocolate bar, a symbol that patients with prosthetic smiles have no fear of candy!

A sparkling, healthy smile can be a life changer.  If a serious smile investment is on your “bucket list,” be sure to find a prosthodontist.  Their training beyond the basic four-year dental degree is rigorous and includes the esthetic and engineering skills required to ensure the long range success of this most important life asset.

Be diligent about researching credentials and asking questions.  Do not rely on sources such as Philadelphia Magazine, where lists of specialists are not monitored by professional organizations and include doctors who limit their practices but have no actual training in a formal prosthodontic program sanctioned by The American College of Prosthodontists.

Unwrap Your Smile

During National Prosthodontics Awareness Week, the Pi Dental Center especially wishes to reach out to anyone with unanswered questions about their dental health.  Our team is prepared to respond online or call us at 215-646-6334.



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