Pi Dental Center Featured in Philly News

The Philadelphia Daily News featured Pi Dental Center describing the events that led to the treatment of a Port Richmond woman’s dental implant treatment.

In the early hours of August 28th, while waiting for a bus, Barbara was attacked by two malicious robbers, damaging her teeth.

WAWA Worker Receives New Smile

Glenn Wolfinger, DMD, of Pi Dental Center read Barbara’s story and decided to help.

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  1. Leslie says

    The kindness and generosity of the staff at PI Dental is unparalleled. Dr. Wolfinger, you can’t imagine how much you have changed this woman’s life after such a traumatic experience. Bless you and the entire staff at PI Dental!

  2. Steve Chervenka says

    I read the Daily News Story and there was no place to comment so I looked you up. I’m from the neighborhood and appreciate you looking out for someone in need.

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