Pi Dental Center Goes Green

The Team at Pi Dental Center passionately embraces environmentally conscious strategies to reduce waste, conserve energy and  implement  green policies within the office and at home.  Our list of “green” measures is growing every day. We focus on the three R’s — reduce, recycle and reuse. Conservation is both healthy for the environment and reduces overhead costs.

Reducing waste is a crucial aspect of “going green” and that includes reducing use of paper. Email has replaced most of our paper mailings. Pi Dental Center’s practice management system and dental radiographs are digital, allowing for less printing.

Water conservation is another way that we reduce waste. Using hand sanitizers, located throughout the office, helps to conserve water.  Another way to conserve water is to turn off the water faucet while lathering.

Turning off lights where they are not needed and unplugging appliances that are not being used saves electricity. Energy efficient lighting throughout the office, high efficiency appliances and energy efficient windows save resources and costs.

Our comprehensive recycling program was started by Andrea, one of our dedicated assistants, several years ago and has grown to include aluminum, glass, plastic, metal, paper and toner cartridges.

Good air quality is a basic objective at Pi Dental Center. Heater/air conditioner filters are replaced on a regular basis.  Indoor plants help to purify the air.  NASA scientists have found that indoor plants absorb potentially harmful gases and clean the air.  Plants are located throughout the office.

Staff members conserve natural resources in the office and at home. Reusable containers have replaced disposable ones in most lunchboxes and the use of bottled water is limited.

Pi Dental Center is taking our message “on the road” to establish awareness of our natural resources,  focusing on environmental and quality of life issues and how it relates to dentistry.

On April 18th, Pi Dental Center will serve as lead sponsor for the Ambler Earth Fest.  The event will be held at Calvary United Methodist Church, located on Lindenwold and Park Avenues, in Ambler Borough from 11am to 4:30pm.  The goal of the Fest is to promote environmental awareness and highlight issues, organizations, companies, products and technologies that support a healthy environment and human health. There will be something for every age group and the event is free and open to the public

In every decision that is made, Pi Dental Center has our patient’s best interest in mind. We continue to strive to provide excellent cutting-edge dental care giving patients beautiful healthy smiles in a comfortable and safe environment.  Finding new ways to conserve natural resources and going green is part of that goal.

Visit our Earth Fest page to learn details.


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