Pi Prosthodontists on Global Podiums

Dental Implants, Philadelphia, On the International Stage

The last week of Summer, 2015, found Pi Dental Center’s two lead prosthodontists on two of the most prestigious dental stages across the world.

In Seoul, Korea, speaking to the International College of Prosthodontists at the sixteenth biennial meeting, Dr. Glenn Wolfinger lectured on the topic of “High Tech Digital Prosthodontics: From Diagnosis and Treatment Planning to the Fabrication of the Final Restoration.” Forty-six countries were represented at the Korean program.

At the same time, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Thomas Balshi was one of only eleven world renowned specialists experienced with zygomatic implants, invited to lecture at Nobel Biocare’s First International Zygoma Summit.  Dr. Balshi, along with his son, Stephen Balshi (Pi’s resident biomedical engineer and director of research), spoke on the intricacies required to build a prosthetic smile anchored by zygomatic implants

What separates Drs. Wolfinger and Balshi from most dental practices in the United States is their depth of their knowledge and experience with the most cutting edge and current prosthetic technologies and materials.  Patients choosing to have dental implant treatment at the Pi Dental Center have the added benefit of surgical placement of implants and the building of their prosthesis with one team in one place. 

Dr. Wolfinger is a 1990 graduate of Tufts University Dental School, with his prosthetic training received at Harvard University.  Dr. Balshi received both his dental degree and prosthetic degree from Temple University School of Dentistry.  Both doctors are Diplomates of the American College of Prosthodontics and have consistently lectured throughout the world on dental implant technology and innovative prosthodontic solutions.

By Joanne Balshi

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  1. Leslie Carbine says

    Dr. Balshi and Dr. Wolfinger are the greatest prosthodontists in this country- perhaps the world. Dr. Balshi (and his Team) are the individuals that did my implant surgery. I cannot say enough about their work. It is perfection!

    To know that these professional are teaching their extensive knowledge to others is not only commendable, it is characteristic of their generosity and humble character.

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