Prosthodontics Awareness Week a la Pi Dental Center

Prosthodontics Awareness Week a la Pi Dental Center – April 4-9, 2011: When the American College of Prosthodontists announced their first designation of a Prosthodontics Awareness Week, the Pi team embraced the idea with gusto.  Here was an opportunity to showcase all that distinguishes a prosthodontic practice from a neighborhood dental office. 

Drs. Thomas Balshi and Glenn Wolfinger

Pi Team At Open House

We started with a simple question: Do YOU have a prosthodontist?  We threw it out there on the internet, in the local newspapers, and in banks and restaurants and supermarkets.  Then we elected to answer the question comprehensively by opening our doors to the community. 

The Pi Dental Center invited prospective patients and all of our patient family to Open House.  We provided tours, question and answer sessions, refreshments, and a rolling slide show of dental trivia, before and after photos, and most importantly, bold statements that defined what a prosthodontist really is. Astoundingly one of the most successful parts of the event turned out to be the conversations between treated patients and those contemplating a whole new smile. The articulated enthusiasm and spirit of “go for it” were overwhelming.  Giveaway bags and a raffle rounded out the day.

Andrea Smiles at Pi Dental Center Open House

Throughout the week, silver trays of decorated cookies in the shape of toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes graced our reception area.  In early March our staff were invited to suggest a clever tag line to write on the cookies.  Twenty-five staff actually submitted forty-six entries.  The judges chose:  Prosthodontics is for smart cookies!

Everyone from the mailman to the last patient on Friday afternoon took home a brush and a tube.

So what does make a prosthodontist different?  Besides his superior training (at least two years of specialty education beyond regular dental school), a prosthodontist has extraordinary vision. A prosthodontist blends science and esthetics, engineering and spatial relations to create natural looking teeth, custom designed for each individual patient, that function with precision and radiate health and beauty. Open House Refreshments

It does not matter whether it is one single tooth or an entire upper and lower dentition; a prosthodontist’s eye is geared toward perfection.  He/she is not simply maintaining teeth but rather is building or rebuilding one of humanity’s most powerful assets. A prosthodontist has a sense of pride in smiles that is born of passion and education second to none in the dental profession. When one is contemplating the reconstruction of a smile, the prosthodontist is the specialist that will best manage the delivery of care and provide an outcome that will exceed expectations.

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