Immediate Loading Of Implants In The Severely Atrophic Maxilla

Dr. Thomas Balshi performs maxillary implant reconstruction on a patient with advanced bone loss. Dr. Glenn Wolfinger and Mr. Stephen Balshi discuss the patient’s pre-operation condition and narrate surgical and prosthodontic procedures.  This webinar aired live August 22, 2011.  Several dental schools in the US and colleagues from around the world were interactive in the broadcast.

Upper Dental Implant Placement

About The Event:

This program demonstrates the use of NobelClinician™ to virtually plan surgery for the extremely atrophic maxilla in a patient who would otherwise require bilateral sinus augmentation or bone grafting. In this recorded broadcast, the surgery illustrates placement of Brånemark System implants using a stereolithic surgical template constructed from the data files of the virtual plan. Following the placement of anterior and pterygoid implants, the surgical template is removed and full flaps are elevated to expose the lateral wall of the sinuses and the zygomatic bone. Two zygomatic implants are then placed on both right and left sides. A screw-retained provisional prosthesis is then modified using the TEETH IN A DAY™ protocol to connect the standard implants to the zygomatic implants.

Stephen Balshi narrates

To View Surgical Procedure, Click Link: Click Here

Presented by:
The Institute For Facial Esthetics

Thomas J Balshi DDS FACP Glenn J Wolfinger DMD FACP Stephen F Balshi MBE

Thomas J. Balshi, DDS., PhD, FACP
Glenn J. Wolfinger, DMD, FACP
Stephen F. Balshi, MBE

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