Best Implant Center

我了解PI 有30多年了。我因为有急事需要改约予约时间. PI 的予约表排的满满的,但Andrea 还是一心为病人着想,尽量按排我的需求。 我认为PI 在美国是最好的种植义齿中心。我定期去PI 检查,清洁牙齿。Julia 总是非常认真,温和 的检查,淸洁我的牙齿,牙龈和全口的情况。我非常感谢PI, Dr. Wolfinger, Dr. Slauch, Julia 和全体工作人员。PI 是最好的种㨁义齿修复中心,


I have known PI for more than 30 years. I needed to change my appointment time because of an urgent matter. PI’s appointment schedule was full, but Andrea was still dedicated to the patient’s best interests and tried to arrange for my needs as much as possible. I think PI is the best implant center in the United States. I go to PI regularly to check and clean my teeth. Julia is always very careful and gentle as she checks to clean my teeth, gums and whole mouth. I am very grateful to PI, Dr. Wolfinger, Dr. Small, Julia and all the staff. PI is the best kind of denture restoration center.


Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA