Excellent Care

Yesterday I had an appointment with Pi Dental Center for a cleaning and a retread. The dentists took excellent care of me as always. Andrea and Dolly were my hygienists and as I was finished with my cleaning I began to feel very dizzy and nauseous. The hygienists became my nurses. I had Vertigo! They were wonderful. I was so sick and could hardly stand up. A cold pack, a rolled up towel for my head, and something for dizziness. The ladies sprang into action. I don’t know any dentist office that would have a staff that cares so much about their patients. They finally called my husband and told him they would bring me down to the car in a wheelchair. Before leaving the ladies at the front desk insisted I take a few items of food with me in case I felt better since I had a distance to travel. Pi Dental has always been first class. They truly care about their patients. I have been with Pi Dental for 30 yrs. They are the very best! The hygienists are Angels!

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA