The Life of Pi

For those of us who are movie enthusiasts, Sunday night’s 85th annual presentation of Oscars was filled with accolades for grand achievement.  For the first time ever, nine movies were in contention for the best, and every one of them had an inspiring story.  There were heartwarming moments when “Hollywood” spoke some words of profound wisdom.  There seemed to be a graciousness in the Academy ceremony that has been missing for a substantial number of years.

The Life of Pi

The highest volume of Oscars went to a movie called the Life of Pi. Capturing four of the prized statues, this is a movie that touches the heart deeply, whisks in the amazing strength of human resilience and unabashedly blends magic that seems quite believable as it is actually happening.

The Pi Dental Center can take no credit for the Oscar winning movie that chose the name, The Life of Pi.  Nevertheless, for members of the Pi team, there are some stirring parallels to the life we dream to create each day for patients in harm’s way.  Our own “tigers” are passionate about dental rescue.  Sometimes it almost takes magic to cast the life line, but the power of the smile has nearly indefinable dimensions and when we finish our job, that awe has the same flavor as the movie.

Now and then, the Pi team does win a tangible accolade.  When an article is published in a journal, when a certificate is awarded for a lecture to a dental academy, when a research project captures a prize at a national meeting, it gives us reason to celebrate the Life of Pi.

The Life of Pi

But much more importantly, our stage is the daily business of living our mission and our “Oscars” are our patients’ expressions of jubilation when we have made our rescue and their healthy, secure smile is beaming back at them in the mirror.

So today in the afterglow of the Academy Awards, we thank you, our patients, for your confidence in our team, for your expressions of gratitude, for putting us to the challenge and for bringing out the best in each one of us.  We are committed to prosthodontic magic and we are always in pursuit of your prize, the winning smile. 

By Mrs. Joanne Balshi

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