Evaluate the Cost of Dental Implants

A Return on Your Investment

Evaluate the dental implant cost of dental implants and consider that prosthetic teeth do not decay, that the implants potentially have lifetime longevity, and that with the final prosthesis, breakage is rare. Alternative solutions such as crowns and bridges are built upon natural roots, not implants, and are always at the risk of decay in the root. They inevitably require replacement. Even less stable are dentures, in which bone is in a steady shrinking mode, rendering the dentures routinely ill-fitting, and requiring frequent relining, sometimes replacement.

Maintenance and dental expense with dental implant treatment is minimal after the initial investment.

Calculate the Dividends

  • Whole body health benefits
  • Absence of dental disease and pain
  • Improved nutrition
  • Enjoyment of formerly forbidden foods
  • New self-esteem
  • New career building asset
  • Confidence in social interaction
  • Smiling in photographs
  • Avoidance of future bone loss
  • Time savings for future dental care
  • The knowledge that you addressed the “root” cause

Quality Matters

Call Pat Now At 215-646-6334 To Discuss Financing OptionsIt is extremely important to note that the range of published costs for dental implant treatment is directly proportional to the quality of materials used, and to the expertise involved in providing the entire multidimensional package of care.

Pi Dental Center’s trademarked Teeth in a Day® protocol for dental implant care is among the most comfortable, efficient, and high quality implant procedures in the world. It is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Inferior materials are available for implant treatment, and undiscerning patients sometimes fall prey to implant treatment that fails. At the Pi Dental Center, we rely only on evidence based science and we use only the highest quality materials with proven track records. Our fees are competitive for same scale materials and professional care, with several financing options available.

What to Expect on the Bottom Line

A patient in search of an entirely new smile, upper and lower, choosing to replace dentures or severely compromised natural teeth, should expect to pay the price of a high end new vehicle for the treatment. If choosing to finance dental implant care, the health of the smile will continue to sparkle with minimal tune-ups along the way, long past the last payment.


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