Dental Implant Financing Options

At Pi Dental Center, we do our best to make your dental implant treatment possible and affordable. Part of our comprehensive treatment process is to help you find the best options for treatment and explore feasible payment options. Following your comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, you will have a consultation and be presented with a tentative treatment plan outlining all procedures and fees. Payment options will be explored. Our patient relations director has over twenty years of experience in arranging funding for the most extensive and sophisticated treatment.

How can I afford this expense?

The first step in determining if this investment is necessary is realizing the need to improve your health and consider the benefits that treatment will provide. Ask yourself how treatment will change your life, your future and why it is necessary. Determine if the condition of your mouth has an affect on the quality of your life or if it will start to affect you in the coming years.

Evaluate Your Situation.
Is your dental health a high priority?

The condition of your teeth and gums affects your general health. Periodontal disease has been shown to increase your risk for serious heart problems. Studies have shown that other health risks are also increased when a person has an unhealthy mouth. An inability to eat foods and maintain a varied and balanced diet also places you at greater health risk. Have you noticed an increase in health problems since your dental condition began to deteriorate?

An unattractive mouth also can negatively affect your employment. It is more difficult to get a well paying job or advance to a better position when your smile is not appealing. This in-turn reduces your ability to produce a sufficient income. Have you noticed that prospective employers or current supervisors have acted less receptive than you would have expected? Have you noticed that other employees are chosen before you when promotions are given out?

An unattractive mouth affects your social life. When your teeth look unattractive, it affects your self-esteem. Many people with broken and missing teeth smile less and avoid social events. They often stay home when asked to go to a restaurant or eat in public. Your embarrassment can appear to other people to be reticence. Other people may think you are unfriendly, taciturn or strange. This can cause others to avoid contact with you. Have you noticed people acting differently toward you than they act toward other people?

The condition of your mouth is not going to improve without action. Your dental condition can only get worse if you do not take action. If it has not already happened, your health can begin to deteriorate. Determine if treating your mouth is a necessity. If it is, then finding the funds to pay for treatment is crucial.

Determine the total cost of treatment

Following your comprehensive diagnostic workup, a tentative treatment plan will be presented outlining all costs. During your consultation, discuss how much money will be needed at the beginning of treatment and at the start of each phase of treatment. Determine how soon you will begin treatment and need to make payments. Ask if there are other treatment options available to you and learn the cost.

In some cases, your treatment program can be broken into several phases, accomplishing the more serious needs first. It is not unusual for us to design a plan of dental treatment that is delivered and paid for over a period of several years.

Dental implant cost

Feel free to call our office to schedule a comprehensive diagnostic workup to discuss your dental needs and payment options. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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