Brånemark System Zygoma Fixture

Brånemark System Zygoma FixtureA Unique Solution for Rehabilitation of the Severely Resorbed Maxilla
By Nobel Biocare

Grafting procedures involving the severely resorbed maxilla have always been a challenge for both the clinician and the patient. Complex surgical procedures, prolonged treatment time and the increased likelihood of implant failures are just a few of the many factors that concern you and your patient. Now there is an alternative: The Brånemark System Zygoma Fixture.

Due to extreme bone loss in the maxillary molar regions, patients would normally have needed bilateral posterior bone grafts. This treatment would have required additional surgery and prolonged treatment time.

Dr. Higuchi, Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, states “The Zygoma fixture is a predictable source of implant anchorage for the posterior upper jaw which often minimizes or eliminates the need for bone grafting and shortens overall treatment time. Patients with routine and defective maxillary anatomy may be restored functionally and esthetically in a manner previously not possible. This approach is an excellent addition for implant-prosthetic rehabilitation of the edentulous maxilla.”

What is the Protocol?

Zygoma fixtures are utilized in the severely resorbed maxilla in conjunction with two to four conventional fixtures. The Zygoma fixture penetrates through the maxillary sinus and anchors in the very dense zygomatic bone. The head of the fixture normally emerges in a slightly palatal position in the second premolar/first molar area of the maxilla.

The restoration of these fixtures follow standard Brånemark System prosthetic procedures, with one overriding consideration — Zygoma fixtures must always function within a rigid framework.


  1. Where sufficient anterior bone remains for the installation of standard Brånemark System Fixtures and the posterior alveolar crest has resorbed to such an extent, that additional fixtures would otherwise require an only or inlay graft.

  2. Where an anterior only graft is required for implant placement and the need to extend the graft posteriorly can be eliminated by placing the Zygoma fixture.

  3. Unilateral maxillary cases where the remaining bone anatomy allows placement of two additional standard fixtures, either anterior or posterior to sinus.

The Zygoma fixture is available at Pi Dental Center.

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