Computer Guided Dental Implants

Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery is cutting edge technology for the replacement of missing teeth.

The Procedure:

Digital upright non-claustrophobic CT SCAN produces computer data used to create virtual surgery. CAD-CAM technology and robotics then create esthetic, functional teeth. Rapid prototyping laser processing instantly builds a highly precise guide for the surgical delivery of the implant anchors. The surgical procedure requires no incision, no sutures and little post-operative swelling or discomfort. The patient leaves with a highly esthetic smile, usually in less than one hour.


Pi Dental Center was instrumental in advancing the computer guided dental implant; protocol and remains in the forefront of immediate loading implant development and bio-medical engineering. Pi team members are committed to aggressive research, education, and superior clinical solutions using computer guided dental implant surgical treatment. Our facility employs the most precise scanning and the most sophisticated and sterile implant technology available in North America.


Almost everyone is a candidate. Guided surgery can be used to replace any missing teeth or to replace full dentures with a fixed dentition. View patient photos and read newsletter.



Thanks so much, and be sure to let everyone know that all together it was a positive experience. You were your usual super self. Dr. B. was great, as was Dr. Z. The staff couldn’t have been nicer, friendlier, or more considerate. I am most grateful. Everyone treated me as a person, not a procedure. I would most certainly recommend it to anyone.

Thanks, Aunt Carolann







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