Dental Implant Immediate Loading

Patient Following Dental Implant Treatment with Immediate LoadingWhat is immediate loading?

Getting a permanent, fixed bridge used to take several months and required many visits to a dental specialist.

The edentulous patient can now switch from dentures to a new set of teeth in a single day, trying them out with a light meal in the evening.

Scientific evidence has now proven that Brånemark System® implants placed in the anterior mandible between the foramina can be loaded immediately.

Almost all published long-term clinical studies on immediate loading pertain to the Brånemark System. The first one was published in 1990. In addition to the already published material, a multitude of clinical trials are ongoing, encompassing over 1000 implants evaluated for immediate loading in the completely edentulous mandible and maxilla, in partial cases and for single tooth replacement. These studies take into account the various individual patient parameters. The ultimate aim of theses efforts is to continue the development of universal conceptual treatment solutions that enhance the patient benefits derived from implant treatment with the Brånemark System. The concept promises great advantages in oral rehabilitation.

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