Dental Implants: Upper Front Teeth

Upper Front Teeth: Missing front teeth have unique demands. The challenge is to replace your now missing teeth for both appearance and function, without harming your remaining teeth or gum tissue. Dental implants are a feasible option for upper front teeth.


Your concern for a natural appearance is designed into Brånemark System. Besides good function during chewing, the ideal replacement must look like natural teeth, both to you and to others. The solutions possible with a Brånemark System supported bridge take advantage of the best appearance possibilities available in dentistry and modern dental technology.

Confidence with Dental Implants

The ideal replacement must also feel like natural teeth and be easy to keep clean. Knowing your teeth are stable during eating and talking means a lot. Another benefit is that your implant supported teeth will not decay like natural teeth. You’ll be glad our treatment didn’t require grinding down your remaining natural teeth.

Security with Dental Implants

Only Brånemark System is the most thoroughly documented implant treatment for dentistry in the world. The long-term safety of this solution is well established and published in recognized scientific journals. Your doctor will discuss with you how these treatment results apply to you.

A Brånemark System implant supported bridge replaces your missing teeth and more, providing a very good combination of appearance, confidence and security. When you are thinking about replacing your missing teeth, ask for a bridge supported by Brånemark System implants. You are likely to find this the best long term solution.

The Treatment Steps for Dental Implants

Anterior Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

The first step is to replace missing tooth roots by placing titanium implants. The implants will remain covered underneath the gum for approximately three to six months. During that time, osseointegration takes place.

Anterior Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

The second step of the procedure involves uncovering the implants and attaching extensions. This completes the foundation on which your new teeth will be placed.

Anterior Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

The final step is the placement of your new teeth. With techniques that ensure optimal size, shape, color and fit, these replacement teeth will blend with your facial characteristics and remaining natural teeth.

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