Teeth In A Day® Implant Treatment

Teeth In A Day® is a process of delivering implant-supported fixed teeth on the same day as dental implant placement. This process was developed at Pi Dental Center by Drs. Thomas Balshi and Glenn Wolfinger in 1993. The Teeth In A Day protocol was registered for a trademark in 2004.

This process is unique. During one office visit, dental implants are installed and a removable prosthesis is converted to a fixed-implant-supported temporary “conversion prosthesis.”

Dental implants have evolved as the state-of-the-art method of tooth replacement. Pi Dental Center is highly skilled and experienced in advanced dental care and dental implant technologies. Since 1990, board-certified prosthodontist, Dr. Glenn Wolfinger has immersed himself in research and clinical studies focused on the efficient delivery of prosthetic smiles built upon dental implants. His results are clinically secure, aesthetically pristine, and minimally invasive. 

Trademarked Teeth In a Day® Implant Treatment belongs exclusively to Pi Dental Center, and while other practitioners offer treatment modalities that seem similar, the Teeth In A Day® experience at the Pi Dental Center remains unique.

Our dedication to excellence in every arena of healthcare delivery insure our patients that their treatment is engineered and executed with precision, predictability, and expertise. Teeth in A Day® is the centerpiece for holistic care at Pi Dental Center. We take pride in using this technology to produce extraordinary smiles in record time.

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