TRIOS® Digital Scanning Technology

Pi Dental Center’s TRIOS® Digital Scanning Technology is superior compared to traditional impressions for efficiency, accuracy, precision, and especially comfort. We use TRIOS® for crowns, bridges, and single-tooth implant restorations.

The TRIOS Digital Scanning Wand enables the dentist to provide Digital Scanning Technology to patients.

Digital Dental Impressions

One of the most important benefits of TRIOS® digital technology is improved patient comfort while the impression is being taken. A traditional dental impression can be unpleasant. Some people avoid dental treatment because of gagging fears. Gagging during dental treatment is a serious and very real problem for many. The ADA reports that 7.5% of patients almost always gag during dental treatment.

With TRIOS®, digital impressions are faster and the scanning technology makes them more accurate than traditional methods.

Digital Scanning Technology and the Dental Lab

These beautiful final crowns were created using Digital Scanning Technology at Pi Dental Center.

Close contact with our dental lab, which is located on the premises, enables better communication for superior results. Direct communication between the lab technician and patient ensures better shade match, tooth shape, and fit of the prosthesis.

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