Gingival Mask Photos

Gingival Mask Photos and Gingival Masks in a Nutshell

Artificial Gums = Gingival Mask

gingival mask
Dark area at the roots due to severe bone and gum recession.
gingival mask
Artificial gum tissue used to cosmetically hide recession.

How does a gingival mask “stay in?”
A gingival mask “stays in” by the same method as a contact lens. Moisture and the contact of the lip keep the mask in place. (Just like the eyelid and tear fluid keep the contact in place).

What materials are used to make a gingival mask?
Gingival masks are made from a visible light cured acrylic material.

How are they made?
Gingival masks are usually fabricated chairside, right in the mouth. The doctors at Pi Dental Center have done many of these gingival masks for dental implant patients and for patients with natural teeth as well.

What about durability?
Gingival masks need to be handled with care because they are thin and if dropped or bent, they can break.

How long can they be worn?
Surprisingly, we have not seen any ill effects to the soft tissue with long term usage.

What about cost?
Cost depends on size of the mask and number of teeth involved.

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