Orthodontic and Prosthodontic Treatment

Using Procera Crowns

aWhen are you too old to believe in miracles? Never if you’re this patient.

After fighting a long battle against a bad overbite, this 72 year-old female suddenly has something to beam about: a reconstructive dentistry team effort has left her with a remarkable smile and full dental function for the first time in her life.

She came to the Aesthetic Health Care Center with a bad overbite that had gotten progressively worse over the years. The misalignment made her lower teeth all but invisible; worse, she had difficulty chewing without biting into her gums. “I was at the point where I couldn’t eat,” she said.

aAfter living with the problem for years in Rochester, MN -best known as the home of the Mayo Clinic – this patient revisited her options when she moved to this area.

Her local dentist, Dr. Ray Haggerty, referred her to Dr. Thomas Balshi, of Pi Dental Center, who developed a treatment plan in conjunction with fellow Aesthetic Health Care Center practitioner Dr. Sally Gupton.

The plan combined an old-fashioned remedy and Space Age technology. After Dr. Gupton used traditional orthodontia to straighten her teeth, Balshi placed crowns where necessary, including the new Procera all ceramic crowns where appearance is most essential. Made entirely of new, more durable porcelain, the Procera All-Ceram offers patients long-lasting crowns without the telltale gumline signs that often accompany metal crowns.

“Dr. Balshi and Dr. Gupton deserve real credit for this,” she said. “Dr. Gupton did the real miracle. She was able to straighten the teeth. After that, Dr. Balshi gave me beautiful crowns that look like the teeth I had when I was a young woman.”

“This patient’s case is an example of how a real esthetic dentistry team effort should work,” said Dr. Balshi. “By combining the input and expertise of her family dentist, a talented orthodontist and a prosthodontist, we were able to deliver an end result which has given her a new lease on life.”

No one know better than this patient, who celebrated with a “forbidden foods” dinner of filet mignon when the procedure was done.

“I’d recommend this to anyone,” she beams. “My mouth looks wonderful. The whole structure of my face is different. People who know me, my family and friends, notice the positive change right away. But what’s most important to me is the positive effect that the treatment has had on my life.”

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA