Gold Allergy

When Burning Mouth Syndrome,Contact Stomatitis, and Oral Lichen Planus are caused by an allergy to gold or other metals, crown replacement may alleviate symptoms.

Oral Manifestations to Gold Allergy

Two hundred patients with symptoms of persistent oral mucosal or cutaneous lesions that were possibly related to allergy to constituents of gold alloys or gold jewelry were patch tested to determine the frequency of sensitization. Patch testing included a series of dental materials including three different salts of gold. A persistent papular reaction to gold trichloride was considered a positive reaction. Positive reactions to gold were observed in 17 patients. In five of seven patients with oral lichen planus and in one of six patients with burning mouth syndrome, gold improvement was observed. In all cases in which gold was replaced, improvement occurred. One patient with allergic contact stomatitis and one patient with allergic contact dermatitis healed completely after gold had been replaced. The study concluded that sensitization to gold should be considered a possible cause to allergic contact dermatitis and allergic contact stomatitis as well as a pathogenic or triggering factor in oral lichen planus.

Laeijendecker, MD and van Joost, Th., MD. J Am Acad Dermatol 1994;30:205-9.

NOTE: Gold Allergy is extremely rare and should not be confused with other systemic or local conditions. It requires careful evaluation and diagnosis by an allergist and your prosthodontist.

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