A Perfect Smile Makes A Perfect Day


Ask any little girl, any dashing young woman, or any serene grandmother what day of her life she thinks she will look or did look most beautiful, and chances are, you will hear the word, “Bride.”

Our culture seems to have new age passions for attractiveness, but far back into history and all over the world, women have spent months of time and volumes of energy and dollars upon what presents itself in that first glimpse of the bride.

Never more photographed, head to toe detail is attended to with extravagance.

And when the guests coo and aah at the charming princess, they are very likely

to notice these details. One, often forgotten, but perhaps the most valuable of all, is the bride’s perfect smile.

The Aesthetic Healthcare Center welcomes the opportunity to participate in preparing a bride for her wedding day. In the dental center, professional tooth whitening and a bright cleaning a few days before the wedding, can make a significant difference in the sparkle of a smile. Beyond that, straightening a crooked tooth or replacing a congenitally missing one, can turn a very ordinary face into an enviable beauty.

During the countdown of your official bridal calendar, calling your dentist should not be far behind choosing your date. Long range smile planning for you and for your spouse-to-bewill insure that last minute details are painless and fun, and that any desired cosmetic adjustments are accomplished long before the final frenzy.

Chances are, the hygiene appointment, in the pampering hands of our style-conscious staff, will take less time than the pedicure, and will attract many more admiring glances.

Years from now, when you look back upon your wedding memories, you may chuckle at your dress, your shoes, or the length of your hair, but your timeless smile will never go out of style.

Tooth Whitening: Beyond The Brush

Even if you don’t smoke or drink coffee, tea or red wine – some of the most common causes — chances are that something as simple as old age eventually will dim the luster of your pearly whites. Choosing a procedure that works for your situation, and is safe for your teeth, should be done only with the help of a skilled dental professional.

Approved tooth whitening systems, in conjunction with a thorough hygiene examination by Pi Dental Center, often can deliver results in as little as three nights. Using a custom-fitted tray prepared by the dentist and the system’s clinically proven solution during the day or even during sleep, patients can achieve the results that leave them looking their best for a special occasion.

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA