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It is our pleasure to bring you this special edition of Esthetique, the first consumer magazine dedicated to defining the New Age of Beauty. The mission of this unique magazine is to affirm the importance of the absolute balance between the spiritual and physical aspects of your life and their impact on your self-esteem and appearance.

One of the real wonders of a new Millennium glimmering with exciting technological advances has been the strides taken by medical science in treatments that preserve, maintain and even reverse the effects of aging on the maturing body.

The procedures that already have been developed offer all of us the opportunity for enhanced vitality as we approach our Golden Years, and the medical profession continues to find new solutions almost daily for those who understand the importance of looking and feeling their best.

The Aesthetic Health Care Center, conveniently located near the Fort Washington interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, has become a leading source of expertise on procedures that promote happier, healthier aging. The doctors who practice at the Center offer consultation and implementation in a broad range of dental, facial and body enhancements.

Many of the procedures, as well as other treatment options, are discussed in this complementary special edition of Esthetique. We invite you to review the magazine and our special supplement which begins on page 7, and to visit us to discuss your esthetic health needs.

Dr. Thomas J. Balshi
Dr. Glenn Wolfinger




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