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For a missing tooth, dental implants are undoubtedly the best solution.

The thrust to counteract aging is probably most keenly blossoming in the field of dental medicine. Sophisticated research in the last quarter of the twentieth century brought us advancements of miraculous dimension with dental implants. Today, aging patients are no longer doomed to the discomfort and embarrassment often accompanying removable teeth. The stereotype of a senior citizen with sunken cheeks and teeth elsewhere, soaking in plastic, is now nearly always avoidable, for implant centers like Pi Dental Center regularly take years of wear off patients faces with vibrant permanent smiles.

Dr. Thomas Balshi, the founder of Pi Dental Center, and a pioneer in the development of modern osseointegrated implants, grows increasingly more enthusiastic about the longevity and wide range of application for implant usage. Continuing research enables even patients who have worn dentures for years and have suffered significant bone loss, to be rehabilitated with a combination of bone growth factors and titanium implants.

Though attractive, secure teeth impact the overall wellness of people of all ages, Dr. Balshi comments that older patients seem to reap the most visible immediate benefits. The aging process, a reality of the human condition, often strikes hard at what we see in the mirror. A young smile, designed to bring fullness back to the face, frequently softens age lines. Its durability permits a re-entry into culinary enjoyment, fostering better nutrition and easier digestion. Its esthetic enhancement lifts self-esteem and promotes new senses of well-being and communication dynamics.

Initially controversial , treatment with dental implants is now the state of the art in modern dentistry. Statistics uphold that patients treated by credentialed and experienced specialists can expect predictable results with minimal discomfort.

“Implants today are the first stop on most ideal treatment plans,” says Dr. Balshi. “For patients who make this commitment, lifelong, self-confident smiles are a sure return on their investment.”

Dr. Thomas Balshi

Dr. Balshi’s own smile is broadest when talking about strides made with implant treatment through his lifetime. The hardware, though costly, has been fine tuned and expanded. Technique has been explored, enriched, and perfected. Data has been carefully documented. The bottom line is that 92% of all dental implant treatment succeeds as planned.

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