A New Smile In An Hour

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Josh Robbins, left, before his implants and, right, after. (ABC NEWS)


A New Smile In An Hour

Dec. 14, 2005 A man who lost virtually all his teeth because of chronic fatigue syndrome received a new smile in a one-hour procedure on “Good Morning America.”

Dr. Thomas Balshi, a prosthodontist in Fort Washington, Pa., gave Josh Robbins a full set of permanent implants. Similar implants used to take weeks.

“I think it’s a life-altering thing,” said Robbins, who hopes to earn a Ph.D. and become an author. “I just want to be normal basically as much as possible.”

The procedure began with a CT scan of Robbins’ mouth. The scan was then converted into a digital file and used as a surgical blueprint by the doctors. To increase accuracy, the digital file also created a formula for the creation of a surgical guide, a plastic mouthpiece of sorts that fit over Robbins’ gums. The holes in the guide matched the surgical plan. The surgeon then knew precisely where to drill in order to get the implants exactly right.

The procedure costs tens of thousands of dollars.

With these implants, the patient can enjoy food right away just minutes after the procedure is complete.

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