Delivering Smiles

Discerning Patients Turn to the Pi Dental Center for Superior Dental Care

Discerning Dental Patients

Delivering Smiles

Discover superior dental care in a unique environment at Pi Dental Center

by J.M. Kovacs

“Pi” is a soft and welcoming environment for superior dental care. Visitors to the Pi Dental Center are usually very surprised by what they find inside the once-upon-a-time Fort Washington Racquetball Club. The building itself has become a local “mecca” for discerning dental patients, housing all of the various dental specialties with board-certified specialists. On the second floor the Pi Center is a restorative and cosmetic practice, which is steeped in experience with dental implant prosthodontics and committed to unparalleled excellence in patient care.

Whether the visitor is a longtime member of the international patient family, a new and anxious prospective patient or another doctor coming to learn cutting-edge techniques in the sophisticated research and teaching center, all are quick to recognize its warm hospitality.

Pi is a health-care facility with a heart. Each member of the seasoned staff has been trained to listen carefully, provide every comfort, calm any lingering jitters and genuinely pamper every patient. The result is a widely held reputation for being a trusted and embracing environment for dentistry.

Founded in 1986 by Dr. Tom Balshi, a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics, the Pi Dental Center now celebrates 25 years of successful outcomes. The practice’s trademarked Teeth In A Day® procedure is exclusive to the Fort Washington office and provides patients having even the most compromised dental conditions with sparkling new smiles in a single visit.

A Full Menu of Choices

Consistent ongoing research has driven the Pi team to make dental discoveries that ensure patients have many choices for care.

From the most optimum lithium disilicate (ceramic) restoration to affordable, aesthetic solutions such as “All-on-4” with acrylic teeth, each step of treatment is paved with the same skill and comprehensive care.

While virtually all restorative procedures are available to patients of the Pi center, one of the most noteworthy is an implant treatment protocol called the “No Bone Solution,” a technology available in only a few dental centers across the country. Designed for patients who have been told they no longer have enough bone to retain implants, zygomatic implant technology is Pi’s forte. Patients happily boast the same strong success rate with or without bone.

Pi is focused on saving the patient unnecessary time in the dental chair, without compromising the quality of care. From the 20-second CAT scan to the finest brushstroke of laboratory detail, the provisions are in house to achieve all of the details with minimal impact on the patient’s time.

While patients are having their dental needs tended to, family members and Pi guests enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a friendly oasis—very unlike the average dental office. While there is wide-open casual comfort and plenty of reading material, including volumes of accolades written by treated patients, there are also lots of pleasant and colorful distractions. Smiles Bistro on the first floor is Pi’s own café, the source of frothy milkshakes made especially for implant surgery patients and hearty soups, salads, sandwiches and pastas for everyone else.

Education is Key

Dr. Balshi enjoys passing the torch. Members of the 33-person professional staff enthusiastically spread their energy throughout the Pi campus four days per week but frequently the hub is enhanced by the presence of visiting doctors. Graduate students from dental schools west to east and groups of doctors from faraway countries come to Pi to learn implant technology in an atmosphere full of lively collegiality. Dr. Balshi, teacher and clinician, characterizes his workday as an exciting balance between new learning and fruitful application.

Specialists on the Pi team are often called “the doctors’ doctors.” Physicians and fellow dentists choose experience, conservation of time and the academic component when they stop their lives for their own treatment. They know that when research, publications and abundant testimonials flow, they have found their comfort zone.

Making patients happy is the bottom line and the Pi team readily exudes what makes them appeal to a savvy, richly cultural patient population. Multilingual with innovative clinical skills and artistic laboratory capabilities, the Pi team delivers smiles that go much deeper than the space between the lips, and team members nurture these smiles with love for a lifetime.

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA